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Bowel problems remain long after pancreatic injury |

Many people who suffer from pancreatic injury, called whiplash, not only experience neck pain but also face and jaw pain that often lasts for two years after the injury itself. In addition, the function of chewing may be disrupted.

– Given the risk of prolonged pain and discomfort in the face and jaw, that would be an advantage if patients with neck trauma, earlier after an accident, also get an assessment of the jaw system. Those with problems with the jaw must be investigated by a dentist who specializes in bone physiology, "said Ewa Lampa, PhD student in the Department of Dentistry at Umeå University.

Have pain in the jaw and neck
In his dissertation, Ewa Lampa has followed 176 people suffering from whiplashtrauma and control groups of 116 people. Within one month after the accident, everyone was examined with a questionnaire about pain and disorders in the jaw and neck area, about other physical and mental symptoms, and difficult tests.

About one third of whiplash sufferers have pain in both the jaw and neck area. That was significantly more than the control group. There is also a relationship between the intensity of pain in the jaw / neck and other body symptoms and signs of depression. Compared to the control group, whiplash sufferers also have a worse chewing capacity associated with the severity of neck problems.

The problem persists after two years
In follow-up after two years of the same test and questionnaire, jaw pain remained for the majority of whiplash sufferers who experienced discomfort at the first examination.

– The frequency of problems and they last a very long time. It talks about the importance of early identification of victims of investigation and treatment before chronic pain becomes painful. A simple quiz and several questions can be the first sufficient survey, said Ewa Lampa.

Whiplash, or limp injury, is neck trauma that attacks tens of thousands of individuals in Sweden every year, often in the event of a car accident. Many develop long-term symptoms, such as neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches. Some also develop pain and damage in the jaw system which can affect quality of life.

Pain and disability in the area of ​​the jaw and neck after whiplash trauma: a short and long term perspective

Ewa Lampa, ewa.lampa@umu.se

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