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Björklund: I mean seriously – want to find a solution in midfield

Thus, Jan Björklund rejected the question of his speech today would only be a way to force Löfven to say no to become prime minister, then release Ulf Kristersson instead.

"In the past four years, the Left Party has influence and power, it has become a right-wing government to get Swedish Democrats. I want to avoid this, said Jan Björklund, adding that if there is a solution in the midfield, Stefan Löfven must make a" highswind giant " .

"And that will be difficult, of course.

"This is the price"

But is it realistic to believe that Stefan Löfven wants to pursue civil policy?

– He certainly doesn't want to, he wants to be prime minister and this is the price. For four years, the Left Party had influence over every budget, they did not get if S worked with us. Then Sjöstedt was really relaxed for the next four years. However, he must give up this Social Democratic government. There cannot be a government that does not require the removal of one outside.

Annie Lööf is the most important in her demands yesterday – are you the most important or is there something in your terms that can be negotiated?

"Obviously, but the negotiation tactics are bad – the risk is Stefan Löfven sees this broadcast and sees what I will submit and not and I don't mean to invite him. I hide my card a little more. Exactly what is negotiable, I don't mean to tell you here, said Jan Björklund in News.

"The price is expensive"

But don't you have to accommodate your demands a little more if this will work?

– The conversation hasn't even started yet. There are a number of requirements and I think S understands that this will be very expensive. But you have to be open to conversation, if not, it's not serious, Börörundund said.

Liberals are divided on this issue and party political-political spokesman Mats Persson said that the party risks leaving the Riksdag if he releases Löfven as prime minister.

– I don't think so. It would be very damaging if we got the responsibility for elementary school to get a position of power. This is a method of choice, it can form a right-wing government where the SD gets big power, or we have to find a solution in the midfield. I want to look for influence, but this is based on S being prepared to make the right hand right, "said Jan Björklund in News.

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