Tuesday , March 2 2021

Bintang won the second crazy drama

Two teams at the bottom of the table met at the Huskvarna Sports Hall on Friday night and it was Bintang Tamu, Köping, who started the best. After the first period it was 15-19 on the scoreboard.

In the second half, Wetterbygden took the match and held the match, about four minutes remaining from period two, Huskvarnalaget took the lead for the first time in the match and had 37-30 after half the match.

Installed for pleasure

At the start of the third period, it felt like the home team had almost scored points, but the guests answered and knocked. It was set to end an interesting match for the fourth period.

And the draw would be, with just over four minutes left to play, Albin Häll-Eriksson put a three-point mark which meant 77-70. Köping answered with three, turning the ball straight and entering 77-75.

"They were good at defending and we made a few mistakes, while they scored three points," Joaquin Portugues said.

Wetterbygden held the lead to just a minute, then became 82-82. With 18.5 seconds left Köping played 82-85 and went against the victory but still wasn't over.

Devin Sibley at Köping missed two penalty kicks in 84-85, the ball was won by Jonatan Bohman of Wetterbygden and the home side attacked. With less than the second left Joaquin Portugues made 86-85 and finished the match.

"We knew it would be a good match because we were on the same level, it was a good match, a crazy match. They came back at the end, but we knew how to play it, the winner said immediately after the final signal.

"Determining the last point is beautiful, I am proud of my team too and everything is not about the end. It was a good match.

Basketball is the best for the winning team?

– Of course, even though we might prefer to win easily. But victory is victory.

The win meant that Wetterbygden made his first win at home and now has six points to Köping, who is next to the table.

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