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Anna Odell plays "The Crazy Artist" in the film "X & Y"

The new film Anna Odell "X & Y" is a meta-film about films in the labyrinth. To reproduce how the truth and fussy hooks of each other are a bit similar to trying to describe a crossword puzzle. Or sudoku. But let's try.

The starting point is film recording, where Anna Odell and Mikael Persbrandt play alone. A studio builds a number of rooms. There, Odell and Persbrandt will explore the medial images of themselves – "The Crazy Artist" and "The Living Alfahannen".

They are flanked by six famous Nordic actors, who will search their pages. Vera Vitali is an infinite Odell, challenging me sexually. Jens Albinus made Anna weak and weak. Thure Lindhardt is a self-destructive perspective. Other personality traits were performed by Trine Dyrholm, Shanti Rooney and Sofie Gråbøl. Character characters eat, sleep, talk and make love in different studio rooms. And in the preliminary scene, the strike of Anna Odell's story: "Nobody outside the project will know what reality is and what fiction is."

photo: Magnus Hallgren

I'm watching a movie at the desert press event. This is almost so you can hear the hissing sound of the skull of my reporter who is overworked, when I am in vain trying to create a logical structure in the story.

"X & Y" is Anna Odell's second feature. In 2014 he received Goldback for "Back", where he carefully explored the bullying he had opened during school, by creating class reunions. He later became an artist who was resurrected, after a monumental breakthrough with "Unknown, Woman", a Konstfack art school graduation.

Odell held his own psychosis at Liljeholmsbron in Stockholm in January 2009. He was treated by the police, and was forced to go to the hospital at St. Hospital. Göran. The next day, Odell revealed that he was only pretending to be psychotic, as part of his student work. A fierce debate occurred. Friends of orders flared on "Ring P1" and "Debate" SVT. In the TV episode, invited participants told him that he liked "good pictures". "But like this – this is not art!"

Anna Odell

born: October 3, 1973 in Stockholm

family: Two sons

work: Becoming rich after he graduated from Konstfack "Unknown, Woman 2009-349701", when he did psychosis that was felt by himself.

The long film debut "The Reunion" was awarded the Golden Bags for Best Film and 2014 Best Script. 2014 DN Water Culture Award.

Odell has said openly about his serious mental problems during his youth.

this time: With the new long film "X & Y", where he played against Mikael Persbrandt. Premiere November 23.

Anna Odell was sued Then, and are given a low daily fine, because of strong resistance and irregular procedures. When the sentence fell – in August 2009 – he was one of the most famous artists in Sweden.

I met Anna Odell in the changed meeting room, at an elegant PR agency in Stockholm. The lighting is lacking, the sofa inside and the drinking table are misplaced by the large number of spirits that none of us touch. Odell was very quiet during the interview. He responded calmly, calmly and slightly without speaking. I heard myself expressing the voice of ööööh who was hesitant for every question I asked.

photo: Magnus Hallgren

Why is it interesting to explore the boundary between fiction and reality?

– There are many different answers. We live in a time when we are colored by fiction. We saw retouched images and thought life was better than that. By making strange things – combining fiction and reality – sometimes you can visualize things that are hard to see.

What does "X & Y" look like?

"Now I don't have a good answer. I usually get it after a while. I need perspective, said Anna Odell.

One of the themes of this film is about alpha, the dominant robber, one of the roles taken by Mikael's Persbrandt in the public.

Someone who has a lot of space – to be careful, aware, brave, come late, get rid of it, but still be accepted back

Alfahannen – what type of man?

– What do you think?

Anna Odell likes to ask questions, she did it several times during interviews. It is clear that he is a habit of hearing. His art project is always based on countless research talks.

What I am thinking? I think you think more about alpha than me.

– Someone who has a lot of space – to be careful, aware, brave, come late, get rid of it, but still be accepted again. Some women have that space, Odell said.

"I have been bullied, so during my life, the land was a little scary. He was the type of leader, with strength. There was a curse, a terrible pleasure. And frustration about how we see men and women.

Anna Odell uses one exploration work method as a director. The script was created during the research process, where actors must improvise against each other. When Mikael Persbrandt met Thure Lindhardt for the first time, Lindhardt acted as a self-destructing Persbrandt destroyer. The reaction of the confused Persbrandts ("what does Thure mean, is he right?") Then becomes part of the film.

photo: Magnus Hallgren

Odell also played a leading role in "X & Y", fighting a number of scary actors. The actress is still fighting for her, he said.

"When I had to handle the reply, I had very bad self-confidence. In many ways it hurts to play against this spectacle giant. That's good when it's over, said Odell.

In the film, Trine Dyrholm gets the plague that film-Anna is an unfriendly director.

Is your fear getting excited on the recording site?

"Yes, of course," said Anna Odell. His tone is free from suffering.

To what extent is your job in managing fear?

– Well, I might be more extreme who is interested in kickers.

Some people asked, "Have you been with Mikael Persbrandt?" Why is this important?

"I have a problem with processing ideas. Doing" The Rehab "does not mean I am more free from bullying trauma. On the other hand, I feel like someone who is stronger and freer because I managed to make films that others like," Anna said Odell.

Outside the meeting room there is a child's fear. Anna Odell recently became a mother, for a boy who is now five months old. Her pregnancy also appears in films, in breakthroughs that shift between fiction and reality.

In the film "X & Y", Anna wants to make an "art child" with the film Micke. When you have a question about how it happened to your child that is the most obvious – then you have not answered those questions?

Anna Odell nods and hunts Hummar, not a therapist who wants to encourage extraordinary thoughts from a patient.

– Why don't I do that, do you think?

I do not know.

– Well, in the long run, it will be the same as answering the question: "Is the film true?"

– Some ask "Have you been with Mikael Persbrandt?" Why is this important? People are curious – I understand that. I can also be like that. But work is important.

photo: Magnus Hallgren

I think, of course, that a work is a work – and that the child is the result of a relationship that is completely different from what appears in the film. What I want to know is: why don't you just say it?

"Yes, it's provocative," shouted Anna Odell. He looks excited.

"During this trip, so many sick things have happened. I wish I could tell you – but that is impossible. It will not please the people who work with me.

"In ten years, I was able to write books, change names and tell me," said Anna Odell.

Then he mentioned but the details are amazing. While working with "X & Y" he and Mikael Persbrandt joined the combined therapy at – David Eberhard.

Eberhard was Anna Odell's best enemy in public during the storm period of "Unknown Women" 2009. The head of the psychiatric emergency department at St. Hospital Göran in Stockholm was critically doubtful when it was discovered that Anna Odell pretended to be psychotic.

Eberhard conveyed delicious sarcasm in the newspaper: "Cut and find work. Why not in the circus? Pajasar usually works there."

For me he was an alfahan in psychiatry

In a passionate interview With Dagens Medicine, he invited Odell to return to psycho-cure so he could personally give him a Haldol injection (a strong antipsychotic drug). "Then we will see how nice he is to think that. This will be a nice little installation." Eberhard then apologized for his blog because of his "harsh words".

– The reaction is extraordinary. Very grateful to me as an artist, "said Anna Odell.

At the same time, he might feel upset because doctor Eberhard was not questioned in the media after his statement. Instead, an unknown art teacher, Anna Odell, was roasted thoroughly in an interview.

"The idea of" Unknown, Women "from the beginning to illuminate the power of psychiatry. But I also learned a lot about medial power. That reporters listen to more people in formal positions, said Anna Odell.

How are you then he chose to go to therapy with Just Eberhard, the main antagonist in public?

"For me he was an alfahan in psychiatry. It started with meeting me by chance on the hook. After a while we started talking, said Odell.

photo: Magnus Hallgren

The director was statically silent throughout the interview. Now he travels to reconstruct the stage at the bar. He took the skin of Eberhard's body, blew his chest, leaned against me and the heel of my index finger.

He began to defend himself. But I've never had a problem with him. After a while he realized that I was not angry.

After that he thought that there might be an opening for more meetings. The producer holds a therapy session at the Eberhard reception, as part of the research for "X & Y".

– Me and Mikael Persbrandt went to group therapy, a kind of party therapy. I'm pretty much from my infinite side in that room, Anna who is infinite.

How was the experience?

– Messed up. Funny. That is very fun.

What is David Eberhard's response?

"He was quite skeptical, without saying it directly. He wondered," Can you trust him? Do I meet the real Anna now? "

When I use Tinder dating apples, there are many who wonder: "Are you part of a work of art if you talk to you?"

Is that just messy – or useful?

"That's useful," said Anna Odell, without mentioning it,

Do you keep in touch – you and David Eberhard?

– He is included in the statement, in the list at the end. And he was invited to the premier.

I call David Eberhard, to hear about his meeting experience.

"At first, I was a little paranoid when he contacted me, otherwise I was stupid in my head. But I was a person who was astonished, who said yes for the most part," said David Eberhard.

– The meeting is valuable to me. It's nice to see that people aren't like those produced in the media. This applies to me and him.

Is that reconciliation between you?

– Yes I think so. We still have different views about what happened around "Unknown, Women," but we may not have to bother. What interests him is meta stories about his work. There he is a great artist rather than what many people understand, at least myself, said David Eberhard.

photo: Magnus Hallgren

Return to the interview with Anna Odell, in a round meeting room.

Is it common for people to react like David Eberhard? They wonder if they can trust you?

– Yes, that happened. When I use Tinder dating apples, there are many who wonder: "Are you part of a work of art if you talk to you?"

Then what do you answer?

– Unfortunately, I replied: "No. But if I do artwork, I will also answer no, not express anything."

Then it doesn't matter what you say?

– That's how it is. But, of course, I did not make the art of everything in my life.

Anna Odell burst out laughing.

I would think of British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who explained various strange characters to trick the crowd who usually deserve it, including in the films "Borat" (2006) and "Brüno" (2009). When Baron Cohen took on the role of the rude reporter Borat, he only allowed himself to be interviewed as his role figure.

Have you ever thought of being more like Borat? To do an interview like Anna Odell's role model?

"It will be very fun! Can I make it so easy for me? It will be very beautiful! Then I will feel anxious if someone writes something crazy.

Have I given you an idea now?

– Perhaps it!

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