An unvaccinated child in kindergarten falls into measles in Kotka – a possible infection from abroad | domestic


A kindergarten child has been diagnosed with measles in Kotka. The child has lived abroad and the infection is thought to originate from there.

The child has not been vaccinated against measles, said Yle Uutiset.

During the incubation period of the disease, the child was in kindergarten, a private medical center and reception for calls at Kymmene Central Hospital.

All people who may be exposed to the infection have been mapped and the authorities have obtained most of them.

This is a city unit for infectious diseases in social and health services Kymmenedalen that contacts people who have been infected with this case.

According to the authorities, there is no reason for anyone to look for units to be examined.

Child care centers are open in the normal order

Kotka City has announced that now diagnosed children are being treated at the Kanerva child care center at the beginning of the year. 45 children who are in the day care center at the same time as staff are exposed to infection.

The guards have been informed of this problem.

Kotka City states that vaccination coverage is high in the district and 96 percent in the entire city.

All other children in kindergarten are said to be vaccinated. Child care centers continue with their activities in the normal order.

THL states that measles easily infects. Nine out of ten people who are not vaccinated or who suffer from the disease themselves. Measles can cause serious sequelae.

Measles and vaccination debates flared in late November when an unvaccinated preschooler at Larsmo fell ill. Also the child has been infected abroad.


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