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Amazing but impressive by Taube and Nordahl – Reviews

We have few artists of dignity Sven-Bertil Taube, with such history and status. Of course, that can contribute to the concert experience, which can even be automatically announced before he himself comes to the stage …

I am respectful of the art of Estuary Taube, his movements through phrases and articulations. Impressive also Nordahl's settings and skilled piano games. But that is not always a useful meeting between them, they play and parallel and side by side.

Nordahl has received a lot of applause for orchestral arrangements by Evert Taube's visor. This is indeed feasible, but the recorded settings and at this concert sometimes make a vision of something that isn't. There is a lot of harmony that is felt to be sought and leaned on to the knowledgeable – something that certainly does not characterize the genre!

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Attitudes and arrangements were impressive, but Sven-Bertil Taube and Peter Nordahl sometimes sang side by side.

There is an opposite example: in "Islam", the words Nordahl Taubes and music support, without competing for attention. The same applies to "Fragancia" and "Stockholmsmelodi". The best of all is the magic "Sjösalavår" – great text and beautiful melodies!

The visa should not be orthodox with an acoustic guitar. Of course, "allowed" to approach Evert Taube which is unrivaled (only Olle Adolphson is in line with him) from several directions, the Nordahl variant is one of many.

Taube's father and son are national monuments. Sven-Bertil is not a link to tradition – he is it! Together with Nordahl he got applause. But the main point of the night was just the fact that Evert Taube's song tax is being done all the time – these songs shouldn't be silenced and forgotten!

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