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500th Anniversary of Crowd to da Vinci – Culture & Entertainment

There is great interest in the exhibition, which will be on display in Paris until February 24 next year. Even before the museum opened its doors to the public, more than 200,000 tickets had been sold, and when the exhibition closed its doors in February, the museum expected at least half a million people to visit, the BBC wrote.

More than 160 paintings and drawings by da Vinci were displayed at the exhibition. Among these are some of the most well-known works in the world, such as Vitruvian man, who at the last time was loaned out of Italy after discussing whether he could survive moving or not.

The museum, which is also home to Mona Lisa da Vinci, also borrowed works from Queen Elizabeth II and the couple Bill and Melinda Gates, among others.

On the other hand, one painting that is not displayed is Salvator Mundi – the most expensive painting in the world – which in 2017 sold for $ 450 million to unknown buyers.

According to information to the British media, Salvator Mundi will be loaned to the Louvre for exhibitions, but after too many experts doubt that the work was actually painted by da Vinci himself, the plans were changed.

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