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When a voice from an electronic nanny said: I'm coming!

Smartphones, smart cars, smart sensors, and other devices are convenient and pleasant gadgets until something goes wrong or someone breaks into them. Newer Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners have applications that allow them to find, unlock and remotely launch cars. What is wrong?

At the end of the week, they got an answer to that question because the application went crazy for several hours. Instead, the owner sees information about other vehicles instead of information about their vehicles. They can see the name, current activity, current location, telephone number and other driver's personal information. The incident occurred in the US, and soon the application was not available due to maintenance work. Business representatives advise owners to create applications they delete (!) until the problem is resolved.

The luck of the accident is that the function is unlocked and starting all this time on foreign vehicles does not work, so at least stealing them is not so easy. Daimler spokeswoman Donna Boland confirmed that the MercedesMe application had shown "inaccurate" information on Friday.

Even though we can think of this problem as an inconvenience, even knowing the exact location of the vehicle location can be very problematic, hacking intrusions into Google Nest cameras, which are used by parents as electronic caregivers for their children, can be surprising. A little internet search shows that this happens quite often, and the stories are quite traumatic for parents. A caregiver from the US, who used Nest for an 18-month-old baby in the next room, heard a whisper from the camera, then the voice of an unknown man. At first, he made jokes, commented on the house, beautiful furniture, and even said that stealing a baby would come. Someone enters the camera and plays with their parents. When a caregiver frightened the baby out of the apartment and reported it to her parents, the mother almost had a stroke.

Whatever the reason for intrusion – whether it's a mistake like with Mercedes-Benz or maybe a flawed password like Nest – modern technology is getting more and more annoying. The only thing that protects us from full disclosure is the security mechanism the same technology. We really trust them so we want to be connected to the internet all device?

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