Thursday , October 21 2021

Voice from In an action against the state


Kranj – At the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, they prepared a proposal for a decision on the removal of bears from nature in the period until the end of September next year. The draft decree, which was in an open hearing at the end of July, considered the withdrawal of 200 bears and 11 wolves, but on the basis of two assessments of the administrative court, the wolf was eliminated from the new proposal for the decision. He decided this was because the administrative court found in both cases that the reason for the social acceptance of the destruction of wolves was not sufficiently proven. This decision was answered by the Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, where they found that the opinion of the majority of urban residents, rather than the opinions of rural residents, was taken as a measure of social acceptance for the abolition of the animals. Therefore, the Chamber prepared a lawsuit that would require the state to protect rural residents and ensure the sustainable management of bears and wolves.

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