Monday , March 8 2021

those who survive COVID-19 have erection problems

A bad year has passed and the world is still battling the deadly coronavirus. Many are eagerly looking forward to the company sending a vaccine against Covid 19 to the market, as it is known that encountering the infection can cause a lot of inconvenience for a long time. Those who had coped with it reported a number of health problems even later. Among those who would be very surprised by the new findings, however, will be the male share of the population, as the infection is said to even cause sexual problems and affect reproduction.

Ibtimes reported that the most common long-term consequences of coronavirus infection are prolonged headaches, fast heartbeat, hair loss, smell and taste, memory problems, sleep problems, rashes, and muscle aches. However, the Mayo Clinic found in its research that dealing with viruses can also affect erectile ability and cause erectile dysfunction.

This problem is most often found in elderly patients. The Mayo Clinic is expected to find in its study that this occurs in a large proportion of elderly patients who have been admitted to the intensive care unit. Erectile dysfunction symptoms are also associated with a lack of sexual desire. How the virus causes this type of health problem has yet to be discovered.

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