A tragic conscience posted on Sunday on the American country singer Facebook profile Ned LeDoux (42): "With the greatest sadness, Ned and Morgan tell friends and fans that their two-year-old daughter is Haven died October 20 in a tragic accident. LeDoux values ​​your love and support and asks for privacy. "

The accident occurred in Kansas at the home of the LeDoux couple, who have been married for 11 years. According to the Mirror, the family immediately called an ambulance that was destined on Sunday. Unfortunately, it's too late for Haven. The girl celebrated her second birthday in September, and at that time LeDoux posted on social media a note: "We celebrate his second birthday. I am very happy to be at home on a special day. He is very special. " Morgan and Ned still have a son Branson.



LeDoux released their first music album, "Sagebrush," in 2017, and the next "Next in Line" is set to become a fan hit in November.

Ned is the son of country singer and radio man Chris LeDouxwho died in 2005. The reason is Cancer.