The prosecutor will send Zdenko Pavček for a year to the bar, and his son for two and a half years


09. nov. 2018 12:11

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| Updated: 13:26 / 09/11/2018

The prosecutor will send Zdenko Pavček for a year to the bar, and his son for two and a half years

State Prosecutor Matej Oštir proposed to the former Logistics Viator & Vector procurator, Petar Pavček, for two and a half years in prison for violating criminal abuse of power in the transfer of a Romanian subsidiary. For his father, former president of the Viator & Vector Group Zdenko Pavec, he proposed a year in prison to assist in this action.

At the conclusion of today's proof procedure in the Ljubljana District Court, the prosecutor recalled that Petar Pavček was accused of a crime of misuse of position or trust when he decided to move a Romanian subsidiary to Izletnik Celje as procurator at the end of May 2011. Before bankruptcy, Viator & Vector Logistics greatly strengthened the truck fleet in Romania, leaving nearly 50 trucks to Viator & Vector Ro.

His father, Zdenko Pavček, was accused of helping this action. "Zdenko Pavček was on top of the Viator & Vector system at the time of the crime, he knew about the disputed agreement and he knew what was happening in the group," the prosecutor said.

"At the height of financial difficulties when bankruptcy was only a matter of time, Peter Pavček signed a contract with which he transferred Romanian companies without a legal basis for Excursionists," the prosecutor said. Property damage caused by Viator & Vector Logistics and creditors at the expense of Excursion benefits is estimated at 1.22 million euros.

"The evidence produced rejected the defense of the defendants and confirmed the allegations in the indictment. This group was in a very bad financial situation during the period considered in 2011, which was accused by the suspects. Similar to the situation in Logistics," the prosecutor stated that at the time the truck is being transferred to a subsidiary in Romania. By doing this, defendants, who act in a coordinated and deliberate manner, and are aware of their actions, make the creditors in an unequal position. Even though the defendants were not lawyers, they, as experienced entrepreneurs, knew they were not doing the right thing, he said.

The prosecutor suggested that the Chamber must, if they consider that Peter Pavček did not suspect violations of misuse of the situation, consider the belief at least for criminal offenses that damage creditors. "It was a fraudulent act intended to damage the Logistics and its creditors," Oštir said.

In addition to Zdenka Pavčka, former director of Viator & Vector Logistika Bojan Novak and CEO of Excursion Celje Darko Šafarič were also accused of assisting criminal violations of abuse of office. The prosecutor filed Šafarič for one and a half years in prison for alleged crime, and for Novak for half a year.

Among the defendants was the Izletnik company, and the prosecutor suggested that his legal successor, Nomago, be ordered to pay a 100,000 euro fine.

The defendants and defendants will submit their closing arguments on November 21, the day after the announcement of the verdict. The defendants were repeatedly denied that they would suspect criminal offenses or, at the beginning of the main trial, and change the charges, on several occasions. anyone gets material benefits. The court for alleged crimes began in December last year with a pre-trial hearing in Ljubljana.


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