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The Olympics will definitely compete with Aluminij, Maribor and Carniola for minimum wins

The Olympia footballers defeated Aluminum 3-1 in the 15th round of PLTS and joined the top of the championship standings. Footballer Carniola Triglav defeated CB 24 Tabor Sezano in front of home audience 3: 2. The current champion from Maribor won three new points, which tightly pressed Celje (1: 0) in People's Garden.

Safet HadžićPHOTO: Damian Zibert

The leading Ljubljana team won the second consecutive home match for the second time. Last week, when they played against the last-stated Miner, they were faced with a more difficult task this time, because the second-ranked Aluminum came to the guests. But the chosen one Safeta Hadžić, who are still off the bench due to penalties, most of the game is dominated, and one of the key players is again the league's first goalscorer Ante Vukušić, which added two more goals to his shooting range. Ljubljana started the match better and took the lead in the 12th minute. It's later Stefan Savić from the right briefly extended to Maria Jurcevic, Matija Kovačić he bounced off the ball, but only arrived Luke Menala, who then scored his sixth goal of the season from the first. 18 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves in front for the first goal Jure Matjašičbut sending the ball right into his lapUncle Vidmar. On the other hand, Ante Vukušić came in from the right after 21 minutes, following a pass from the right.

In the 31st minute, Aluminum, which slightly shook the pressure of the Ljubljana people, again threatened; Nikola LekoBut Vidmar reflects the ball. The same Aluminum player also tried in the 45th minute, but at the time it wasn't accurate enough. In the 50th minute, the host doubled the lead. Menalo walked into the box and knocked it down for the goal keeper Renato Pantalon, the referee pointed to the spot, and the reliable scorer was Vukusic, who scored his 12th goal of the season and was the league's first goalscorer. Vukusic had another chance 57 minutes into the match, but he fired over the crossbar. The Croatian striker, however, increased the range of his score in the 59th minute when he threw a rebound from goal after Savic's effort. The Ljubljana residents then reduced their rhythm, which gave Alumini a little more enthusiasm, which was cashed by Aluminij in the 78th minute when Mihael Klepač first hit the bar and then put the rebound ball with his chest into the goal. Nemanja Jaksic. Previously, Menalo, on the other hand, wasted great opportunities for Olympia, and in the 89th minute missed Savic from an advantageous position.

An important victory for the Eagles of Kranj

Majcen decides the match at Kranj.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

The population of Carniola is under wisdom Schmitt Government come with eight points in five matches, further separating them from the bottom rank and humble Miner. At the same time, the Sežants who buried them came to him Luka Majcenin the 90th minute, it was postponed to defeat the first match between them. At the same time, for the first time in their duel with Sežans, who defeated Maribor last week, they shuffled their nets. The Karst team opened the game perfectly and took the lead after only a minute and a half, when after a right-hand pass and a bad explosion Predrag Sikimićhe gives the ball around 15 meters from the goal where he is Leon Sever and send the ball to the goal.

As a continuation of a very dangerous action it was not until the 22nd minute, when he opened fire from the first David Tijanićfrom about 20 meters, and it turns out is David Adam. Already in the 25th minute the home team equalized. The counter-attack was started by Tijanić, who passed the ball left to Gabra Petric, who then returned it in the middle to what was going on. Luke Majcna, Which sent him to the goal with a low shot from the edge of the penalty area. For Majn, this is the eighth goal of the season. It was also a bit hot in the 27th and 30th minutes in one and the other penalty area, but without more dangerous results. The home side took the lead 33 minutes into the game, after a right-sided attack yielded a goal with an incoming kick from the left, Milan Milanovic and made his debut in the Slovenian Premier League competition. Leads are short-lived, when the visitors finish the score in the 35th minute when Ivorja Horvaton the right, for him it is the fifth assist, Predrag Sikimićhit in the heart of the penalty area. For the 37-year-old striker, this is his 10th goal of the season, just below the top of the shot.

After the trial, Tijani and Stjepan Babić from a distance after 41 minutes he had a good chance for the visitors Mario Zebic, who shook his head from close range, and Jalen Arko responded admirably. In the second half, Goran Brkic first alerted himself with a shot from distance, and Adam was in his place. There was a long pause after a more serious chance, but in the 76th minute the home side were even more dangerous when Majcen came in from the left with a close-range shot and Adam aimed the ball into a corner.

When it has been shown that the team will disperse without a winner, that is correct Filip Janković slalom to the penalty area, pass right to Majnen, who have routinely scored the ninth goal of the season and given the home team victory.

Wheeler decided on the Styrian derby
Maribor, where he was sentenced Alex Pihler for the first time since the start of the match, he has taken place in the federation for the first time since the cup final Amir Dervišević, in the previous round, gave Sežana a chance so they were chosen Darko Milaničthis time they want to improve their impression against Celje, who won the first match. If they fail to improve their impression in the first half, then they fix it at least in the second half, when they dominate the field and immediately decide to introduce the match through Mitja Wheeler. Maribor has thus won for the first time in two rounds, and Celje has broken an unbeaten series in the last four matches. The first round passes without a hit. More specifically are Celje people, who are dangerous several times. On several occasions, the home team, who were greeted with a whistle in the first half by the audience, were also fortunate enough to make the visitors slip away into the closing goal, because the home defense worked very well.

Darko MilanicPHOTO: Damian Zibert

The host, however, had the first serious chance, sparked in the sixth minute Dino Hotic go right and press the nearest gate when continuing Matjaz Rosman. However, the citizens of Celje who fired several shots were twice as dangerous Dario Vizinger. In the ninth minute, the kick lastHandan Jasmineč, who returned to the door after round 2 in Velenje and failed to finish in 19th place. Goalkeeper Maribor also had to intervene in the 20th minute when he bounced the ball over the crossbar after a hard shot Benana Benedičič from afar. The introduction of the second half belongs only to pribumi, first of allRudi Pozeg Vancas after 47 minutes, following a free kick, but his shot went wide. Two minutes later, they took the lead when Dervišević sent a long ball to the left, where Požeg Vancaš received it and sent it to the middle of the penalty area to the running Wheeler who put it under the crossbar.

In the 60th minute, he fired from the edge of the penalty area Stone Kronaveter, but Rosman doesn't have hard work. Only shortly after, Požeg Vancaš tried without obstacles from the edge of the penalty area, Josip Ćalušić Hotic blocked the shot and then defended by Celje goalkeeper. In the 65th minute, Vizinger was again alerted by a shot from distance and again experienced goalkeeper Maribor. 74 minutes into the match, he could not make a bad save in the home team's goal Jasmin Mesanovicand in the 76th minute the first shot by Kronavetra was deflected by Rozman and the second shot was again blocked by Calusic, as in the 85th minute. Andrey Kotnik. In the 80th minute, he made a bad mistake on the other side Ivan Božićand 89 minutes into the match, the home team was awarded a penalty Dušan Stojinović, but failed.

Triglav– CB 24 Camp Sežana3: 2 (2: 2)
Olympia – aluminum 3: 1 (1: 0)
Maribor – Celje 1: 0(0: 0

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