The Croats finally cried


After the victory over Croatia, Germany secured the semi-final.

Croatian handball players have tears in their eyes in Cologne, where they moved along with the World Cup host. Germany celebrated a bad fight at 22:21, so they fought for medals, and Croatia are now only able to compete for the Olympics in Tokyo. Lina Červar winner must win at least seventh position.

The decision dropped one minute before finally. Germany took the lead for a shot, and the Danish referee gave Croatia a violation in the attack, which pushed handball, bench and public players in Croatia. The Croatian national team witnessed the excitement of Germany in the eyes of the Croatian national team after the last siren whistle.

"Every honor of the men, they are the winners for me … The place of the judges in the end is only a reflection of what happened in the handball. What they did in the last ten minutes … Everyone who understands the handball is all clear. is a bad ad for this sport. If they all organize together to qualify for the semifinals, they can say this to us before. If the referee in the end, I will apologize if after 20 years of handball career I see it differently, I don't understand handball , "

after the match for 24 hours, said assistant Cervar

Igor Vori.

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SP on handball


Great blow for Croatia

He repeated this few words uttered by a Slovenian coach a year ago

Veselin Vujović,

who also did not agree with the court's decision at the end of the match with Germany. At the last minute and a half, the keeper made a contribution to the national team

Hendrik Pekeler


Uwe Gensheimer.

The home team is the most effective

Fabian Wiede

with six goals, while in Croatia they

Igor Karačić


Manuel Štrlek

hit four hits.

Lino Cervar | Author: Epa


Before the match between Germany and Croatia, the Spaniards reliably beat Brazil 36:24 (19:13). Last year's European champions were Aitor Arino Bengoechea and Ferran Sole Sala, who scored six goals, while Southameric players Haniel Langaro and Raul Nantes contributed four goals.

In the semi-final, France

In Group I, France and Germany there are seven, Spain and Croatia have four, Brazil two and Iceland without them. In Group II in Herning, Norway first defeated Sweden with 30:27 (17:14), followed by Denmark with 26:20 (9: 7).

Norway put the foundation for victory in the Jyske Bank Boxen hall in Herning already at the end of the first half. On a big break, they took advantage of three goals (17:14), and at the start of the second half they took seven goals (22:15) and completed all doubts about victory. For Norway who entered the big World Cup final two years ago and then lost to France, they were the most effective

Magnus Jondal

with 11 in

Sagosen Sander

with seven hits. For Sweden who won a silver medal at the last European Championship in Croatia,

Hampus Wanne


Andreas Nilsson

scored five goals.

In the second match, Denmark's chosen routine was carried out by African handball giants. The host is the most effective

Mikkel Hansen


Anders Zachariassen

with five goals, while on the visitors

But Zeinelabedin

with six hits. In group II, Denmark were eight points ahead of the last round, Sweden six, and Hungary six, while Hungary three, Egypt one, and Tunisia had no points.


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