The collapse of the system that has devalued Slovenia


The most expensive footballer in Slovenian football history, Kevin Kampl, ended his representative tour in 28 years. The most popular in this category Jan Oblak is not wearing Slovenian shirts for more than a year. Samir Handanović, who at the age of 34 was at the top of a rich football route, was not in the line chosen for three years. The problem with whether to play, in the past, is also the best Slovenian national champion of the last period, Josip Iličić. In recent years, the system has collapsed, which has devalued the Slovenian national team.

"Playing for the national team is the greatest honor a soccer player can experience, something special." Sentences that are an integral part of the rhetoric of every footballer and athlete in general. At least in theory. In practice, things are a little different.

We were no longer in 1992 when the new but also the temporary voter Igor Benedejčič in Tallinn eliminated the historic first goal from the Slovenian national team and signaled the beginning of romantic children with NZS coats on the chest on the mission. They wanted to prove that Slovenians were not born just to jump by skiing and wobbling between the sticks. That's 26 years ago.

We are in 2018, everything has changed a little. Not only years, but also numbers in bank accounts. And many other places. Thousands of followers on social networks, which have never even been before, busy with the media and millions of words written on both. Billions of obstacles fill their heads and form different views. Not only athletes, but everyone. Don't forget the two European and one world championships. People have taken care of football euphoria three times and have shown that Slovenia is not only those who jump well to the "floor".

In short, the time is different. Children are often not enough to sew dolls to pursue boredom. Now we want to eat, sing and shine. Their parents, on rare occasions their leisure time, found on a busy schedule, no longer played "mine sweepers". It's better to boom to a computer screen, thousands and one thing is done with someone from the other end of the world. Therefore, it can't be a surprise for today's footballers, to feel the special feelings and honor they continue to talk about, sometimes needing a little more.

  • Jan Oblak, according to some estimates, is the most valuable soccer goalkeeper on the market of all time, and according to everyone from the world of football, he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world today. This must be the best known Slovenian footballer of all time. Last year, he did not play for Slovenia.
  • Kevin Kampl, who, as the first German league hot player, has been sparkling for years, has been the owner of the most expensive Slovenian transfers of all time, ending the representative tour in 28 years. It lasted six years, where he played in 27 matches, and 24 missed them. He left without giving anything to Slovenia. Well, I can have a lot.
  • Samir Handanovic has been one of the first goalkeepers of the Italian league for years, and twice he officially became the best. He hasn't played for the national team for three years. He, of course, said goodbye to himself from the selected species. But now the absurd paradox has happened, and our weakest has become a place that shouldn't be, we have to do everything in a different way. At least they can try it. Even now, when he shows what he shows in almost all of the 81 matches he has played for Slovenia, everyone at the Champions League headlights found that he was a top goalkeeper. One of the better ones in Europe.
  • Josip Illičić, who in his new appearance as Lionel Messi, has not played for years because of a dispute with Srečko Katanc voters, four years ago.

    By the way, on the first favorite for the selection team that emptied the Matjaz magician Kek from the Italian football greenhouse did not have the most beautiful memories. Opportunities for new problems? Who knows, maybe he will be Rex's heart hero, if he really returns to his electoral seat, he saves the way he played with Robert Koren a decade ago, threatening not to play under his leadership. At that time, he returned it with the captain's ribbon, and the Dravograd man rewarded himself with the world championship and a goal for his historic victory.

    Let's go back to the football master who grew up in Kranj concrete. Four years ago, Alexander fereferin assured him in reply. He is the only Slovenian lawyer who has experienced global fame, but he is no longer in Slovenia for some time now and will not be there for some time. He jumped "stairs or two" higher, to the top of the richest sports organization in the world.

At the same time, the people who left them at home explained that the Oblak was injured, while at the same time his employer in Madrid proudly showed footage of the training, where Škofjeločan jumped on Atletico's shirt as a panther.

They talked about Kampla expecting in Brdo pri Kranju, and in Germany, a newly married father with an unusual hairstyle only ended up recording on one of the channels he communicated with the public: "See you next month!"

They went to meetings in Spain to save noise in communication, but they went there without any interference which caused it.

They said that in good will for Slovenian football, changes were needed, and then they decided to not change at all.

They are very awkward in relation to those who care most about them. To those who produce public opinion. We can think that it is even worse with others who are not so important in their eyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Getty Images

Let's jump for a moment on the world stage. In Turin, Juventus recently gave the impression that reporters grabbed the microphone from their hands, so they could say how good Cristiano Ronaldo was and how happy they were to get it. The Portuguese loved their heads when they peddled and stung them on their shoulders as they showed the abdominal muscles carved. They take care of every little thing and be careful that CR7 will not forget for a moment that it is not only the best, but also the most beautiful in the world. He returns them with hits, takes care of the victory and they all smile.

Unfortunately, among Slovenian players it is not as good as Ronaldo (even though the company is often the best), so don't overdo it.

It should not need a KK44 stamp than Kranj on board when exporting the Gorenjska toll road to the representative base. There is also no need to make exceptions, which are rarely given by anyone or two people. The captain's tape is offered to the goalkeeper and allows him to tie it to his forehead! And no, it must be in Brdo pri Kranju for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the sarma menu. But we also doubt very much that the best gardeners around him must give an inscription that Jojo will write on the grass under the window of one of the hotel rooms.

This will be enough if you drive yesterday to Leipzig or Madrid, today in Milan or tomorrow in Kiev or St. Petersburg. To improve international telephone calls, which often do not function properly. So that everyone who participates in the national team often plays at the table and plays with open cards there. Also, it would not be excessive to discuss important decisions with those who say the most.

If so, the story will certainly be different. The letter on paper is not played. It is not necessary that the results of the team will be better, but the beats around him will definitely be, because at that time, the choice of the best Slovenian football has never been the best in recent years.

Without worry, Radenko Mijatović was not so influential that he would be the sole cause for this situation, but he has been the main target of the President of the Slovenian Football Federation recently. Expected.

You can also find this in the survey below, where the insults of his work are both general in nature, like the most important in the history of the Slovenian state. When we, with 95 percent, support the idea of ​​a separate state.

Incidentally, but some in Slovenia's main football house behaved as if it was on December 23, 1990 yesterday and did not make fun of crazy entertainment that lasted until morning hours.

Do you still trust National Assembly President Radenko Mijatovic?

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