Slovenian Prison Chief: We should not automatically check #video on all those who are imprisoned


Jože Podržaj, Director General of Law Enforcement Administration, met today with the heads of departments and heads of the security department.

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After the meeting, after the meeting, after the meeting, he stressed that, over a period of time after returning from exiting, all prisoners were automatically questioned, but in women's prisons there were complaints that alleged excessive interference in the personal integrity of detainees, therefore, The Ministry of Justice and the Ombudsman decided that court officials must abandon the automatic inspection of all prisoners and detainees after leaving.

"This increases the ability to send prohibited items to prison, but on the other hand, the burden on police judicial officers is reduced," he added.

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Di Dob, the convicted murderer was attacked by a law enforcement officer




In the recent period, related to Slovenian prisons, the esoteric escape of Serbian prisoners from the prison in Koper and attacks on a judicial police officer in Dobo echoed in particular.

Judicial police officers are not at risk

One of the convicts yesterday was in a closed detention unit Di Dob, he was attacked by a law enforcement officer who carried out security duties there. Judicial police officers were first equipped with outpatient clinics, and then taken to the hospital. Police officers who were attacked were not at risk of death, according to the Administration for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions.

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We published a recording: how prisoners escaped from prison #video on Koper




Control revealed a number of shortcomings

In late December, two Serb nationals, suspected of carrying out drug trafficking, escaped from Koper prison. Internal controls have shown a number of drawbacks, from further video surveillance systems. Subjective responsibility is associated with internal judicial oversight by individual judicial officers, and objective responsibility is to director Koper. Dušan Valentinčič, who has retired after the event.

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Conversation with escaped prisoners: Guardians bring them phone videos





Escape from prison losses #video


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