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Selena with emotional ballads forever closes the chapter with Bieber

Selena Gomez returned to the music stage with her new song Lose You To Love Me, where she also recorded a minimalist video. He appears alone, and the lyrics are very personal and talk about love that lasts forever.

Selena Gomez has released a video for the song Lose You To Love Me.PHOTO: Profimedia

Selena Gomez this time symbolizing the new ballad Lose You to Love Me, Which is perhaps one of the most personal he has released in his career.

"I have been inspired by many things that have happened in my life since I released my last album. I want people to know that I will return stronger and with a better version of myself, "said the 27-year-old singer about the song before the official release.

On the song's release, his fans took to social media to comment that the new song was about his unhappy love, which he had experienced with Canadian celebrities. Justin Bieber.

The text, among other things, chants that he only replaced it in two months, and also includes verses such as:You promised me the world and I trusted you. // I see the signs and I ignore them. // You enjoy pain because it's not yours. // You replace us in two months. // I must lose you to find me. //

Right before the end of the song, he shouted that this chapter is now closed and finished and now it's time to say goodbye.

Listen to the songs and see for yourself how private the lyrics are:

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It is unknown whether the song will also be released on his third new studio album, which he said was recorded in the summer. Selena received an invitation to participate and be together Benny Blanc, Tainy and J. Balvin record a video for the song And not enough, which came out in March. The singer's latest album is titled Revivalcame out in 2015 and since then, this young superstar has been plagued with many personal and emotional problems, including health problems. He was diagnosed with lupus, he had problems with anxiety and depression.

Selena sings about unhappy love.PHOTO: Profimedia

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