Oprah, 64, had a difficult time, her mother, Vernita, had died


Host of American television Oprah Winfrey (64) Mother died on Thanksgiving Vernita Lee. He is 83 years old, he said goodbye to his home in Milwaukee.
He is buried in a family circle, and Oprah also asks for social networking and thanks everyone for their support.

Oprah has an always complicated relationship with her mother, and she will be close to 1990 in a program run by Oprah. After that, they often see and socialize, and when you retire, Oprah keeps it. The manager never became a mother, but she did not regret it. This decision is always approved by the partner Stedman Graham (67).

Besides Oprah, Vernita has a daughter Patricio Amando Fay Lee, who died in 2003, and his son Jeffrey Lee, who died in 1989.


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