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Mozart's chess above for two years

London – watching London, a duel among the best chess players in the world, Norway Magnus Carlsen and Americans Fabianom Caruano, finished in extra time with a convincing Carlsen victory. There is a lot of input on the table: first, the world title, which will be the winner of the match for the next two years. A million euro prize money divides the player into a 55: 45 ratio. After removing all 12 matches in the regular part of the match, we only have the spectacle. Everything ends after the third game. Carlsen had his first cheat in the playoffs, and in the second game he played with tactical games. A third party is a formality: Carlsen sets a wall and takes advantage of the first opportunity offered to him. Like 3: 0 pure tears.

The regular part of the match is not interesting, but viewers around the world like fighting, sweat, and blood. That's why twelve remixes disappointed the audience. It was surprising Carlsen's decision in the last game when he offered a draw in a strong position where he was not threatened. In addition, he had the advantage of time and the offer was immediately accepted by America, even though he accepted this with an accelerated duel, in which he had no greater opportunity.

Nevertheless, the media fell. Carlsen doesn't have nerves, he considers the fourteenth champion Vladimir Kramnik. To panic fear of losing the title, he added his predecessor Gary Kasparov. That such a decision in a match for the World Cup is a disgrace to chess, it has ruined the best of all time Judit Polgár. But Carlsen does not consider the views of the predecessors to be great, even lacking the opinions of impotent contemporary people. Chess Mozart is hard to beat at parties, especially in fights. In addition, he is a fast chess master, so each extension with an extension matches him.

AP Carlsen-Caruana's duel attracted worldwide attention. PHOTO: AP

Caruana had accomplished many things, even though he would not bring home the only thing after he came to London. Maybe, he would only realize the goodness after a while, which brought American chess with a London duel. He realized that America was a special country that only glorified champions.

Magnus Carlsen will sit on the throne for at least two more years. There is no best time behind him: he rarely won last year, on a strength scale, he was the first with only three points of shot. Popularity of fans at home and abroad fell sharply. Carlsen has problems communicating with his surroundings. It's been difficult in private life to face it: parents sometimes give up, the girl with Magnus spent several months, too. Even worse in relations with the media and rivals. The press conference hated – if they were present, they behaved like spoiled children there. He climbed up his opponent, spiritually flinging himself against the leaders, with every movement he showed insulting to the surroundings. This is worse for a chess board, where it sticks to the head, bells, nose, blows.

AP Fabiano Caruana was far from an agitated opponent, but he finally had to admit his superiority. PHOTO: AP

If he loses (which rarely happens), he loses his courage. It happened that he broke the numbers, got up and began to curse, as soon as he threw himself out of the hall without greeting and looked left or right. Even when he won, he remained calm. Children beg in vain for signatures, fans can only dream of photos or selfies with him. In the European Club Cup which was recently concluded, he won a regulatory challenge and came to a party with shorts (this was banned in principle because the dress code was determined in chess).

However, it must be admitted that Carlsen was a champion we did not have from Kasparov's best years. When chess was threatened by media deaths a few years ago, because the computer was too distracting to play, Carlsen was hit by a new wind. Norwegians think in their own way, and opponents also have to adjust. More than a decade ago, ninety percent of the games in the big tournament ended in a draw, with Carlsen becoming impossible to make back without a game. When you think that you have done it yourself, replacing enough numbers and when the chess board is the same position, then Chess Mozart only changes the arm and starts devouring the game. Step by step, move to move, find opportunities where your opponent still doesn't dream that they will do it. If chess players analyze the opening to infinity many years ago (even to the 35th and longer movements), Carlsen doesn't mind the opening advantage. More and more, more satisfied …

Carlsen breathes to get the grandmaster's collar. However, Norway, wherever it appears, is always a favorite. It's hard for him: if he wins, it is expected that if he doesn't win, they write about the sensation. Carlsen is a magnet for the media – he is decorated by celebrities, and in his spare time is chess Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, with many presidents and heads crowned, he also played the party with the Pope. The media only sees him and chess is automatically connected to this magical name. So, let's admit: good or not, in shape or not, popular or not – we only have one champion in chess. That's Magnus Carlsen.

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