Mama Ivana (29) blurs newborn babies across the balcony


LESKOVAC – New horror attacks Serbia. 29 years Ivana he threw his three-month-old baby off the balcony. According to unofficial information Courier New mummies suffer from nervous disorders. According to the testimonies of neighbors, this disease has fallen into severe postnatal depression after birth.

On Saturday around 3:30 p.m., Ivana lives alone with her baby, husband Aleksandar he went to the bathroom for a while. Last month, he didn't even leave the child with him for a while. Because he suffered severe distress, and his son was very disabled, he was taken to the doctor. He gave medicine and advised her husband not to leave her alone for a moment.

Horror was also witnessed by a five-year-old child

Aleksandar would regret his life in the bathroom, because obviously it really merged Ivana took her baby to the balcony and threw it from the fourth floor to the concrete floor. Alexander was truly unable to deal with the incident. Ivanina and her five-year-old daughter were around and witnessed the whole tragedy. For now, it is still unclear whether Ivan will be detained or admitted to a mental hospital.


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