Lorenzo returned to the operating table


Even the "proverb" hurt and as a result was not present episode Jorge Lorenzo at Honda did not start the best way. After undergoing a test in Italy, a MotoGP classmate had received unpleasant news that he had to do left wrist surgery. The time for rehabilitation and returning to the track is unknown.

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Jorge LorenzoPHOTO: MotoGP

As reported by the Honda camp, only one or two days before a serious presentation from the team and motorbike for the new season Jorge Lorenzo again on the operating table. The Spaniard was injured after going down in training in Italy, but although initially did not show serious discomfort, they reported from the Honduran camp that operations would be needed. "Jorge is already in hospital in Verona. They will immediately operate it and we are sure it will return soon, "wrote, among other things, in the official message of Honda, where the five-time champion of the MotoGP class wants to return as soon as possible to the track."We apologize that Jorge will not attend a lively team presentation for the new season, which will take place on Wednesday in Madrid. But I will remember with us, just like me with him, "they are still writing at Honda, and still mention the rehabilitation of the series champions Marc Marquez after shoulder surgery carried out as planned and without problems. "As for Jorge's left wrist injury, we found that this was due to his fall in October when he raced for Ducati, after which he did not race for the next four races and could only race in the Valencia final., "They still remember at Honda, where there are currently two racers …


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