Live in fear: He is terrible and writes to him hundreds of times a day!


The stories we take under supervision this time are full of despair and helplessness. Stalker victims often fall into corners and don't know how to get rid of embarrassing people who burn their lives.

call woman


He also sent 100 messages a day, often calling him constantly.

Миша Молк, Katja Fashink, Mario Galunič, Pika Christmas in Lucija Gubenšek those names are only a few famous Slovenians who have experienced the court because of the stalker. Some of them haven't finished yet, Katja Fashink, a former TV host and singer who today works as a lecturer and specialist in corporate communications, has suffered for a long time because of his tireless stalkers. In Slovenian, he shared his brutal experiences through the media several times.

He said that his life was a ferocious man who not only had him, but also at least ten other famous Slovenians, as well as dozens of such people, but not the wider community. Among his victims, he was also suspected of being a growth dwarf, whom he allegedly tried to rape. The woman has a relationship with her so she is mentally ill and has to seek help even in a mental hospital.

He is inexperienced

What women do is incomprehensible; Fashinkovo ​​and other women complained, threatened, humiliated them and even sent photos of their penis, which was very embarrassing and frightening for the victims. Fashinkova said that she also wrote a hundred messages every day and she had to be blocked again and again. He reported to the police, but they could do nothing to him because he was not a Slovenian citizen.

lucija gubashek


Our speaker is Lawyer Lucija Gubenšek, known to the public as a model and leader who has followed him for years.

With the same man, lawyer Lucija Gubenšek, who has been known by the general public as a versatile artist, has also had problems for years, including as a leader and human model. This tells us that nothing has happened to him since the stalker application to this day, when it's been a long time since. "Because a man is not a Slovenian citizen, our law enforcement agencies cannot do anything. There is nothing to do after the trial process. However, I must say that the police appear very professional in the stalking application. They are very helpful and eager to help , but everything stopped in court, "he said disappointed.

The victim is also Croatian

He also told us that he was, of course, afraid when he was the target of a psychopath who even one day visited his parents in Maribor. But he was more harassed by the telephone, but fortunately now it can be blocked by the next generation of cellphones and this enabling technology, so there is practically nothing else.

"It's on your nerves, in stress, it's not fun, but eventually you dissolve – you become immune and strengthen your skin. Above all, I will not allow men who have big problems with themselves to dictate my life; I will not become a victim, "he said, adding that it was sad that the law was so loose in us when we talked about stalking. According to our information, the man mentioned above should act in Croatia, and also try to spy on some of the women there; some are open to the public, others are not.

Stalking stories in this case are also cruel Maria Galuniča from national television.
With an obsessed fan, he fought for a good decade. M. Č. from Carinthia, he continued to follow, write, and send his photos and play them to have a baby with him. Because he, TV host and editor must move frequently. "I want to have children with Mari, because we are poor. I know that you want to hear me," said the stalker, and asked if at least his friend would be his friend. According to our information, Galunnik reports that the woman, where her case is today, is unknown.

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The hostess Misha Molk is the star of the new spontaneous comedy Live!

He dragged him to the floor

There are at least two famous Slovenians, former singers, who have cruel stories Pika Christmas in Миша Молк, a journalist, screenwriter, television editor and presenter, even followed by a stalker, at home. He grabbed his hair and pulled it to the floor. Fortunately, a scream of horror was heard by a neighbor who fled to Molka and saved him from a bullet. Singer Pika Božič even received a message from the stalker that he would damage it.

And what is the punishment for? "Anyone who stings other people or neighbors by repeating observation, pursuit, or intrusive efforts to establish contact or direct contact through electronic communication facilities, stumps and, in imprisonment, causing frightening or threatened extinction, will be punished with fines or imprisonment until two years. If the person who follows is a small or weak person, the offender will be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to three years, "said the Criminal Code.

dot christmas


The former singer threatened to divorce her.

We check with the police how many application stalking has been received in recent years. They explained that in 2015 there were five applications, a year later 98, and 201 in 201, of which 21 were in the Administrative Region of the Police (PU) Maribor, and 43 in the PU area of ​​Ljubljana. This year, 103 cases of stalk reporting were handled by the police, with the largest in Maribor – 28, and one in Ljubljana less.


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