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Live: Hot on Tivoli. Olympia or Jesenice?

The 500th official derby between Olympia and Jesenice has just taken place in Tivoli. This year's match counts for Alpine League points and national championships. Will Olympia Derby win with a ratio of 236 or will Jesenice 237? Even before the meeting, former hockey players from the two clubs met at the Tivoli Hall at the reunion and separated from the friendly match 3: 3.

Alpine League, 26 October

HK SZ Olympia: HDD Jan Acroni Jesenice 2: 2 * (0: 1, 2: 1, – 🙂
0: 1 Hebar 2. (Tavželj, PP1), 1: 1 Simsic 26. (Music, Saints), 2: 1 Music 29. (Koren), 2: 2 Sturm 37. (J. Sodja)

* The match starts at 5:30 p.m.

The history of great competition began to be written several decades ago, according to Andrei Staret, who was trusted by the Slovenian Hockey Association for statistics on November 5, 1954. Decades of red and green were full of ups and downs. The derby tradition is being tried and moved by a rather young group of members Jan Acroni Jesenice HDD and HK SZ Olimpija, which grows on a former club hill.

The derby win was 235: 236 for the Jesuits, 28 times the team had broken up without a winner. How will you have to wait until tonight? Last season, the derby was dominated by members of Olympia, who also won the second playoff this year. In the preparatory match in Bled with 4: 1, and in the cup finals with 8: 4.

The Jesuits took advantage of Olympia's first penalty

Adrej Hebar provided the first goal of the match.

Adrej Hebar provided the first goal of the match.
Photo by Matic Ritonja / Sportida

This time the meeting was better opened by the Autumn ensemble, which in the first minutes seemed more determined and eager to win. The exception from host defender Miha Logar was taken advantage of by one of the more experienced guest members Andrej Hebar and expels Jean Usa after 90 seconds.

The sequel, which repeatedly shines and sings its fist, provides many exceptions. Jesenice, who could not count on defender Gašper Korošec because of a penalty, had three more players in the first ten minutes. They played another two and a half minutes – we were tested several times – but after Andrei Tavzelj's shot, they were happy to block the door frame. The hottest is in front of the Autumn Gate where Urban Avsenik stands in the 14th minute when Green and white players play with more players. Aleš Mušič beat Avsenik, but his shot went wide. At the end of the first third, it remains at 0: 1 for Jesenice.

In the second part, it seems that locals will return to ice with more desire. Martin Bohinc found his way past Avsenik but fired wide after 26 minutes, but the shot went right by Mušič to the left. Niko Simsic, and click on this one for a series. Olympia continued to attack, his goal hanging in the air and the ball ended in the 29th minute behind the back of the visiting goalkeeper. Music put it there. The Dragons have more than just a game, but the Jesenites scored in the 37th minute with a equalizing goal by Jake Šturm to make it more varied in the final third.

Olympia, ranked fifth in the Alpine League, is chasing Alpine's fifth consecutive victory (eighth overall), and Jesenice, who are 12th, are fifth this season.

The result of the friendship of the former derby player

The former eternal derby player has parted with a friendly match 3: 3.

The former eternal derby player has parted with a friendly match 3: 3.
Photo by Rok Srakar / HZS

Before the jubilee dispute, the Slovenian club's second hockey legend was organized by the Slovenian Hockey Federation. Among the Autumn sites are Borut Vukcevic, Andrej Razinger, Matjaz Kopitar, Edo Hafner, Boris Kuncic, Robert Kristan, Peter Rozic, Matevz Erman, and in Ljubljana Luka Simsic, Igor Hribersek, Domen Lajevc, Andrej Hebar, Andrej Vidmar, Dejan Kontrec, Egon Muric, Dusan Lepsa, Igor Beribak …

The team parted from a friendly match 3: 3, where they both admitted that they lost their good past when hockey was one of the most popular sports in Slovenia and when maps sought more. At the same time, they expressed the hope that this collective sport would see a better time.

Match photos (photo: Srakar Skirt / HZS)


SZ Olimpija - Alpine League Final Val Pusteria "class =" article__related - image "data-size =" 95x95 "src =" - pusteria-alpine-league-finale.jpeg


General before the derby: Olympia in the final iteration to victory, Jesenice won the points

Attractions of the derby between Olympia and Jesenice

– The first derby was played on 5 November 1954 in Belgrade at the open ice rink in Tašmajdan, Jesenice won 3: 1.

Olympia defeated Jesenice for the first time in 1968 in Ljubljana, and in 1973 he won Jesenice for the first time.

– The winning ratio in the 499 derby is 235: 236 for Jesenice, the team has broken up 28 times.

– The goal ratio in 499 derbies is 1,792: 1,818 in favor of Jesenice.

– Ivo Jan Jr. scored the most goals in the derby, 72, followed by Ildar Rahmatulin (62), Tomaž Vnuk (49), Dejan Kontrec (46).

– The most derby matches played by Bojan Zajc (277), while Jesenice played Andrei Razinger (214).

– Andrej Tavzelj, Peter Rozic and Roman Smolej are three hockey players who captained both Jesenice and Olympia.

Source: dr. Andrej Stare

Alpine League, 26 October


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