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JUB hosts financial experts in Dol pri Ljubljani – Business and Economic News – JUB hosts financial experts at Dol pri Ljubljani – Si21

In mid-November, a meeting of members of the Slovenian Business Finance Association (ZPFS) was held at the site of the Technology Research Center at the JUB headquarters in Dol pri Ljubljani, attended by financial experts from Slovenian companies. The preface was given by Tadej Majhen (cover photo), President of ZPFS and Saša Kokalj, President of the Board of Management of JUB, who hosted the meeting, with professional lectures
and also supported by NLB d. d.

A central theme dedicated to them in the context of collaboration with banks and their current offerings and trends is the Panorama of Business and Digital Environment for Money, with which they want to highlight the importance of monitoring and recognizing changes in the business environment and to find out fast, modern ways and it's easy to turn your accounts into money. After professional work, the participants visited other places of the Technology Research Center, part of the JUB production facility and
JUB Design Studio.

Members of the ZPFS exchange experience at the meeting, which is held several times a year, and learns about new approaches and solutions that promote the transfer of knowledge and influence the development of the financial profession. The exchange of ideas between members takes place in various fields – in the management of financial services and financial functions in companies, in the fields of financial markets and financing sources, and in managing cash flows and financial risks. ZPFS is a member of the European (EACT) and International Business Finance Association
Business Financial Association (IGTA).

Photo: Jure Babnik, JUB

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