In UKC Ljubljana, patients with influenza are directed to an infectious clinic


At the University of Clinical Center (UKC) of Ljubljana flu patients, he came to Dr. Hospital. Petra Deržaja, directs the infection clinic, because the influenza department in the hospital mentioned with 20 beds is full, after regular visits to the main department, all intensive therapy and urgency, UKC director Ljubljana, Aleš Šabeder, said.

"We have enough free beds for today and Sunday, according to the help of oncologists, so that at the end of this week we can really absorb the additional flow of patients," he said in a statement to the public at UKC Ljubljana Aleš Shabeder.

In all intensive therapies, both at Internist First Aid (IPP) and on emergency surgery blocks and general emergency medical assistance, conditions are normal today, and patient care according to Shabedra's words is ongoing.

Infection clinicPHOTOS: POP TV

They also visited the Intensive Internal Medicine Center (CIIM) with the heaviest patients, where two extra beds were opened a week ago. "We managed to do this by temporarily distributing care staff from other intensive therapies, because we had experienced a shortage of staff in intensive therapy for some time. The rooms are full, there are currently 12 patients, but there are two free beds in this section," Shabeder said.

In particular, he pointed out that due to an increase in cases of influenza, most of the UKC Ljubljana departments were subject to restrictions on visits, and in certain departments a complete ban. In some parts, visits are limited to one healthy person for 30 minutes or one hour.

Also a supervising doctor at the IPP Gregor Mlinsek confirmed that the situation in the hospital was "under control". "On the night and yesterday, there was a wave of patients, because in this winter, respiratory infections increased, not every infection like that was influenza, from Friday to now we examined about 100 patients,"he said, adding that every ten people were suspected of suffering from the flu, and half of them had the flu. This means that around five percent of patients who arrive at IPP in the past 36 hours have been proven to have the flu.

"We have enough free beds for today and Sunday, according to the guardian of the doctor on duty," Aleš Šabeder said.PHOTO: Aljoša Kravanja

"In two, three patients, the flu itself was no worse; they were not here because of the difficulties of influenza alone, but because they had related and older diseases, therefore they needed more intensive control"Mlinsek explained.

Mlinšek replied that he did not know Croatian cases about what type of influenza virus happened to us and whether it was similar to what happened in Croatia where there had been several fatalities. People with good immune systems also die. Three patients who were hospitalized 24 hours suffered from type A flu, but did not analyze the immune system in this acute condition, he added.

Shabeder commented on the Minister of Health's hopes Sam Fakinathat hospitals with current staffing and within the framework of basic work assignments, but with appropriate work reorganization, will succeed in handling several patients. As he said, UKC made several steps to optimize business processes last year. "At present, we are also preparing a list of business processes to improve the organization and try to work with existing staff, both with doctors and care staff, to carry out a large number of treatments," Shabeder explained.

But increasing the number of treatments and reducing the queue according to him would not have been possible without additional funding and payment of all specialist care, as promised by Fakin. In certain segments where there is a chronic shortage of staff, however, after a warning, staff must be filled.

"This is about trying to work in a financial plan and staffing plan, so this year we have to look for, maybe in an area where there are too few experts, additional staff working through what is called the Personnel Plan," Schabeder said.


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