In Japan, a large increase in cases of syphilis


In Japan, 6096 syphilis patients were recorded this year, the highest in the past 47 years, the Japanese Institute for Infectious Diseases reported today. The number of cases is especially increased among men aged 20-50 and women between the ages of 20 and 30.

> This year, the number of cases of syphilis has exceeded last year throughout the year, when 5820 patients with sexually transmitted diseases were recorded.

In the land of the rising sun, the number of syphilis cases has increased dramatically since 2011, with a total of 827 cases. The reason for such rapid growth is unknown to the authorities.

According to data from the agency mentioned, around a quarter or 1548 of 6096 cases were found in Tokyo, while 1,043 cases were found in Osaka prefecture. Of 5081 patients, between January and September there were 66 percent of men and 34 percent of women.

When the data was published, the Japanese Ministry of Health asked people to use condoms and be tested as soon as they suspected they could be infected.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection with the bacterium Treponema pallidum, which can, if not properly treated, cause long-term complications and even death.


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