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End of guessing: Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are a couple

Cody Simpson recently attended a Los Angeles fashion event where reporters took the opportunity to ask him if he and musician Miley Cyrus were a couple. He confirmed the rumor and said that this experience was something new for him.

It has been rumored for some time that they are 22-year-old Australian singers Cody Simpson and new musicians Miley Cyrus para. Previously, they had been friends for years, but now the paparazzi caught them in the lens while kissing. They also post each other repeatedly on social media, giving fans many reasons to be curious. However, the suspicion was over, and Cody confirmed to foreign media that he and 26-year-old Miley were really in a relationship.

Australian musicians recently attended the Tiffany & Co brand event in Los Angeles to unveil a new collection of men's accessories. However, there, foreign media confronted him with a question about Miley, which he answered: "I am very happy. We are very, very happy. He is creative and does his work with enthusiasm – we are similar in this and that is why we catch up so well." He said that they had fun together, which he said was most important.

Paparazzi caught their lenses some time ago while kissing in a Los Angeles shop.PHOTO: Profimedia

The musician then goes on to say that the relationship with Cyrus is a completely different experience for him since they were friends before. "The reason it's not sudden and crazy is because we've been friends for a long time," he said, explaining that they found each other at the point of life when neither of them went to the party, they both worked hard and that kept the relationship healthy and good. "Every relationship I had in the past was very sudden, so this was a very different experience – to befriend someone first and then naturally develop into something more." Simpson added.

They also post each other repeatedly on social media, giving fans many reasons to be curious.PHOTO: Profimedia

However, Cody also announced that he would release a new song he wrote about the superstar when he was in the hospital for almond surgery. "I wrote him a poem and now it forces me to release it," he said Person. Musicians also visit Miley at the hospital, both of which are enshrined on Instagram.

Musicians visit Miley at the hospital, which is also enshrined on Instagram.PHOTO: Instagram

The 22-year-old joined his new girlfriend and mother the day after the fashion show Tish Cyrus for breakfast in one of the Los Angeles cafes. Miley and Cody came together, but then he just left together with his mother, and then Cody left alone.

Cody joined Miley and her mother for breakfast.PHOTO: Profimedia

Miley and her mother walked out of the restaurant together, and Cody left shortly after.PHOTO: Profimedia

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