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End of CeBIT | Monitor

Posted: 29.11.2018 10:00

The world's largest IT exhibition organizer has announced that the exhibition has ended.

CeBIT was once a leading indicator of new trends in IT. In the late 1990s, 850,000 registered visitors per year – there were only a few hundred thousand, eight times less. More than eight thousand exhibitors at the summit, and last year only slightly more than a thousand. We also regularly attend exhibitions in the German city of Hanover, but in recent years there have been fewer attractions.

The next CeBIT must be in June 2019, and the closure was decided by a decline in both visitors and exhibitors. Speaking to Deutsche Messe, they said that they intend to take the fair itself, but to think of possibilities, it would likely be part of another exhibition or event at the Hannover exhibition arena.

As an interesting one, you can read our old news about exhibitions – for example, in 1999, when we talked about new ADSL technology, a few years later, in 2002, we talked about wireless standards, like the new 802.11b , also the price of the wireless router starts to decline and, as we noted in the news, it is also interesting to use at home. At that time, UMTS technology was also introduced, Intel Pentium 4 entered. A year later, the 802.11g wireless standard was introduced, Intel announced the Centrino cellular processor, IBM Thinkpade mentioned, and two years later IBM sold its computer department to Lenovo. . At that time, we also wrote about "handheld computers", such as PocketPC, Palm, Clie …

Below is a picture from CeBIT 2006 where we can test virtual reality at the Deutsche Telekom booth.

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