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Elton: The fact that I'm a player saved my life!


At the Cannes Film Festival, they aired a musical biography drama Rocketman, which depicted the beginning of a music career and followed Elton John to a world-famous star. Elton acknowledged that his appearance and the fact that the singer and player had saved his life were his.

Elton John and Taron Egerton were great at Cannes, and they also sang together at night.PHOTO: AP

Music dessert Rocketman he received a standing ovation for four minutes, which was the main actorTaron Egerton, which describes it Elton John, shed tears, film director Dexter Fletcherhe thanked the viewers and said that such reception was truly touched. In the premiere also Elton John himself, who also participated in the biography as an executive producer, also took over the event. "It was a very emotional night for me … This is the film I want to do," the singer said clearly.

After the screening, a gala program was followed, where everyone present was surprised by singer Elton John and actor Egerton, who together sang on stage. In 1983, a famous singer made a video for his hit in Cannes I am still standing, and he started with this song, where he also joined actors.

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"Two days before the Dodger stadium, my stomach was emptied because of an overdose, and then I left, playing like never before in my life. You did this if you were a player, who also helped me to solve it, the fact that I appeared. I don't want to miss the opportunity to play in a very good stadium for two days together, are you kidding me? It was the height of my career to play at Dodger Stadium. But I admit that before I wasn't really mental. " one of the key moments in his career was portrayed by singers in 1975.

Rocketman, who also came to our cinema at the end of May, was an epic musical fantasy about the extraordinary human story of breakthrough musician Elton John at the very top. The film follows the path of a fantastic transformation from shy and talented pianist Reginaldo Dwight to world star Elton John. The musician is Tony Egerton, who will play his most popular hit songs in the film, and a biography will illustrate the story of how a small urban boy became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture. Everyone is excited about the choice of players. "Elton said that he had never heard anyone so good about his poetry when he ate Taron,"said the music producer Giles Martin."Taron in the film really sings and is very convincing," My Fletcher director.

The Rocketman film crew at Cannes was impressed with the response.PHOTO: AP

For several years, British musicians collaborated with famous songwriters, poets and singers Bernie Taupin, in the film he described it Jamie Bell, together they participated in more than thirty albums, and Taupine wrote most of the songs for him. Elton's first manager John Reid was also in the dramaRichard Madden), Bryce Dallas Howard will be played by Elton's mother, Sheilo Farebrother.

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