Monday , March 30 2020
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Don't let a stroke happen to you

Today we commemorate World Stroke Day, this year under the motto "Don't make a stroke happen to you". Every fourth Earthman will have a stroke in his life.

Although stroke prevention can be successfully prevented, strokes are still increasing. It affects more than 4000 people every year, of which more than ten people every day.

About 30 percent of people suffer during an active work period. This is a disease that can cause permanent numbness in the body, impaired speech, vision, hearing, swallowing or balance. It can take memory, ability to think, concentrate, cause fatigue and depression, the association warns.

The most important risk factor is high blood pressure, the second very strong risk factor is atrial fibrillation or heart rate. Other risk factors include age, sex, high fat content, especially cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, stress and excessive drinking.

Risk factors are similar to other cardiovascular diseases, with healthy eating and physical activity five times a week for the best 20 to 30 minutes to prevent it.

It is important to realize that knowing and treating can prevent more than 80 percent of strokes, and in most patients it is possible to reduce their effects, especially through rapid recognition and action.

Because of this, it is also very useful to be able to recognize the signs of stroke, ie. GROM. Signs of GROM mean Speech, because the patient is silent or incomprehensible, the hand that suddenly becomes numb during a stroke, the face where the corners of the mouth are hung, and Minutes are very important in a stroke, because everyone counts. When we see these signs, it is very important to call an ambulance immediately.

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