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Conflict for Suitcase: 16 years old for a new mayor? #video

I did well, for 16 years I was mayor of Koper, said Boris Popovič. His challenger, Aleš Bržan, is very important for his leadership and says that relations in the municipality must be better. Will Bo Suitcase get a new or old mayor?

On Sunday we await the second round of mayor elections. After 16 years, back at the crossroads: Boris Popovich after the four-four mandate, the mayor's seat was seriously sworn for the first time. Challenger Aleš Bržan Suitcase promises a break with fear and abuse of power. Most of the unallocated mayor candidates supported Bran in the second round. Head Mirko Mayer he faced the current mayor and challenger on Planet TV.

In the first round, Popovic convinced 44 percent of those who came to the polls, while Brzan was 30. The mayor of Koper was the Mayor's first challenger at this time four years ago four years ago.

Popovich defends himself: I'm fine, I've been a mayor for 16 years

In his last days, he blamed Popovich for his impatience, egocentrism, lack of understanding of the state of society and the needs of people, acting outside the formal structure of the municipality. "I don't have this myself, and I don't see myself in this description. I'm fine, I'm a mayor for 16 years," said Popovic, who said that voters and voters trusted him. "The fact is, I have support, I have never said anything about it," he added.

We will monitor #LIVE on Sunday on Siol.net.

The Bržan company also serves with the municipality of Koper

In their confrontation they also touched the business of Brza's private company with the state. This is mostly obtained by two coastal cities, Koper and Piran. Therefore the principal asked Bržana what was different from Popovič, who complained that he made a private company from Koper. The bartender replied that since the municipal council of Koper, he had left. "The services we provide are related to activities carried out by municipalities, institutes, other municipalities throughout Slovenia and abroad," he said.


Photo: Planet TV

Why did Popovič throw so much money before the election?

Meanwhile, the mayor of Popovic used a lot of funds, both his own and the city's government, for elections: 600 thousand euros for lively information, 600 thousand euros for billboards and hundreds of thousands of euros for four promotional bulletins, which they also shared in cities adjacent coast. "I have never been worried about elections," said the mayor. In lively lighting, Popovič replied that this was a contribution to tourism, where he built and invested heavily. In his words, this will be appreciated and paid back. He told billboards that a jumbo poster would be replaced with a screen, and the cartridge would be returned within one year.

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The second round of the mayor's election was getting tense




One million for lawyers

The leader also mentioned the amount of € 5.6 million at the meeting, insofar as he only spent four years in the municipality for lawyers. He said that if there was a victory, he would lose the cost. "This in my opinion is a very unreasonable cost for the city government to spend so much money on lawyers." Popovich replied that Bran did not know the situation and did not know what it was all about. "You need a lawyer all the time and he will need them if he becomes mayor," said Popovic. He explained that the municipality would have more costs if it did not have a lawyer, and included what was included in this amount.

The big story of this campaign was also the threat Popovich alleged to one of the employees in the commune, because he planned to have a different plan from his son's football career. The current mayor said that the story was entirely fictitious. He said that the annoyed story was discovered by his close former colleague, Gašpar Gašpar Mišič.

Part 2:

What will the candidate do in the new mandate?

The Mayor currently has plans for the next four years in the construction of several construction works: underground garages, reconstruction of the Tomos block, coastal arrangements, peace towers, Berto pavilion. When asked whether the construction work was what Koper needed most, Hržan replied that this was important, and progress was also important in the community and people. "The project is more constructive, we work more broadly to improve relations and society," he said.

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Kangler and Arsenovich are preparing for the second round video




Popovic, however, is very important for the Bržan plan (lower prices of utility services, lower contributions to real estate, cheaper parking for locals). "It's time to arrange where we will go up the trash and how much it costs to go. It talks about itself, but doesn't even know what's waiting for it. I at least know what's waiting for me," Popovic answered.

Does Popovic ignore the countryside?

One of the main pre-election slogans of the Aleš Bržan candidates is harmonious urban and rural development. Candidates for the mayor said that the Krsko countryside had been ignored for 16 years. "The city has not yet been developed, the city has nothing. What Mr. Bržan said is of no use," Popović said. "We have to invest, it will never end," he added.

"We are happy in the diocese, this has happened very much," Rina Hrvatin, president of the village community told Planet TV. "We have new waste, optics and paved roads," he said. "This is not a village where you will not do anything," he added.

In each hamlet there is a bus station, trash cans, public lights, and everything else looks new, explained the locals. Local residents do not understand the inconsistencies between urban and rural developments. Boris Popovič will have no problems if there is a failure in Sunday's election to find his job. Because of the skilled scissors stitches, where he cuts the ribbon in the openings, every tailor likes it. It is difficult to list all objects that were opened in the past two months. The thin line between luxury and misery is even more pronounced in the new sports park, which struck even before the opening.

Third part:

Analysts believe that Popovich's position on Koper is threatened. The mayor is currently answering that on Sunday "there will be an unprecedented number of voters who want to continue development". "People are those who have power," he added, and concluded that in the case of Bržan's victory, a candidate would win without a program.

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In Bled, the draw is decided by the last level city council member




Suitcase clash

On Friday, at 2pm, the mayor of Maribor, Saša Arsenovič and Franc Kangler, will meet on Planet TV.

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