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Burberry on the Jesenic bench made his debut with a victory

After Sunday's derby defeat, taken by coach Gabar Glavič, HDD Siy hockey player Acroni Jesenice played for the first time under Aleš Burnik's stick and won. Zell am See kicked 4: 1. The Aleš Mušič Derby with the derby was chosen as the best in the past week.

HDD Jesenice


President Jesenice in training

For ironmongers demanded at the end of the week. On Saturday, in an extension where Kitzbühel managed to execute a penalty ten seconds before the end, they lost in Austria, and on Sunday, just before the end of the regular season, they rose even to eternal rivals Olympia. After defeat, the coach must say goodbye Gaber Glavič, who leads the team from July 2017, in the next two matches it will function as the current assistant coach Aleš Burnikif not, the candidate will stay longer.

Olimpija vs Jesenice Gaber Glavic


Defeat in derby soda solves the bottom: Glavic is no longer coach of Jesenice




On Saturday over more demanding rivals

In the first match under Bournian, Jesenice, who struggled to fill the void in defense, just before the derby, striker Philippe Paradis, who was supposed to rest for a week, beat 11: 1. Zell am See. At the beginning of the month, he was fascinated by 12: 2.

HDD Jesenice Asiago

Photo: Urban Meglič / Sportida

The guest network is less than 7 minutes behind the player Aljoša Crnovič, Blaž Tomaževič on the 15th it rises to 2: 0, while Austria drops to 2: 1 before the break. Ten minutes before the end, he scored the first goal after returning to Gorenjska Eric Pance, the visitors tried to make up for the loss of two goals without a goalkeeper, but they did Tadej Cimzar with a goal in the empty goal putting the last 4: 1.

The second week of Ironworks is waiting on Saturday when they will also play at home. In Podmežakla, former association coach Gorenjska Nik Zupančič will visit the third Feldkirch (18.00).

Olimpija returned on Saturday

Hockey Olimpija will play the only match this week on Saturday when they will play in Italy, with the team from the bottom of the scales Milan.

On Sundays, women take care of last week. The most beautiful player in this game is Miha Zajc. Aleš Mušič in Gal Koren, reaching captain Mušič. You can see the five most beautiful hits in the video below.

Alpine League, November 28 and 29


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