Because of fatigue and fever he visited a doctor, he found HIV


Sebastjan Sitar, who is infected with the HIV virus, highlights the importance of testing. He understood this as a responsibility for himself and others. It is also important to increase awareness. "The more information we get, the less fear," he was convinced and cited the less well-known fact that treated people cannot tolerate hives.

Sebastjan Sitar, for example, was diagnosed two years ago in an online environment. He did routine tests for HIV virus infections, and the autumn survey was still negative. Then, around the new year, due to extremely high temperatures and fatigue, he visited a private doctor who discovered that he had high heart parameter values ​​and sent him to the clinic for infectious diseases and fever conditions.

They were tested there for HIV and hepatitis C infections, both positive. If there is no infection at that time, this might be the next test in two months, following the recommended test schedule. In the Legebitra company, men who have sex with men are advised to take the test for three months. Like he said, he did a routine test "always on the head". "There is nothing stopping me from coming to testing. For the sake of calm, I understand this as a responsibility to myself and others,"he said.

The diagnosis surprised him. "I didn't expect it. Maybe no one did it," remember that. Symptoms are not associated with leukemia infection."Then you go to several phases. First, to accept this and say that it is not the end of the world," he pointed out. He believed that everything happened for a reason, so he always tried to find a positive side. He now works as a consultant at the Legebitra company, and he also approaches the interview because he feels empowered enough to speak as a person with wheat. "It's time to vote for them," He is sure.

Sexuality is also a taboo topic when talking to doctors

It starts with treatment on the day of diagnosis and since then, at the same time, two tablets are taken together with antibiotics every day."This is a habit, but I still have an alarm clock, because in this life rhythm, when you continue to operate, you can quickly forget," he said.

At the beginning of treatment, he experienced several side effects such as nausea and fatigue that passed. In semi-annual examinations, the infection clinic checks the amount of blood and the condition of the kidneys and liver. "If there is a deviation, they will change therapy," he said.

"I have a very good relationship with a private doctor and an infectious agent. I also have a personal infection agent number, and if I need something, I can always connect with him" experience with the health system was explained by Sebastjan Sitar. For the surgical removal of teeth needed, it is ordered last in turn. "It's still part of the stigma, but it's better that, under some outdated protocols, you take the last in line, rather than refusing me in place for reasons that cannot be justified," optimistic.

He estimates that sexuality is still a taboo subject in conversations with private doctors. "This is a lost opportunity. If you are open to a private doctor, you can take appropriate action if symptoms occur," he stressed.

Mother and friends know about diagnosis, but also in the community."I don't even hide my status. If someone asks me, I also tell him," he said. In his opinion, it is generally known how this disease is transmitted, but there is a lack of awareness that treated people cannot tolerate hives. "It's important to believe in science, but not for our own prejudices," he also pointed out.


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