Barovec Baru: "He will not be me in the head"


Get on the edge with your nerves because of Srecko.

Shov had to leave his family on Saturday because of family problems


, and not him, Barovec just entered the show



At first, he initially boasted that he had five years of experience in the hospitality industry, but when he tested his knowledge


, the competitor with him is not the most satisfied. He was very disappointed


, who also told Tadej.

Barovec's new criticism is not well received. In a conversation with Katarina she even shouted. "

I did not come to sleep on my head. He should have been away a long time, "

coughing Katarina, who tried to comfort her.

"Coffee isn't cold and it's good if you know you can do this,"

told him, adding that Srečko was not a bad person, and that his words did not carry him too much.

As is known, competitors in the Bar are divided into two groups, new competitors against the old, who compete for three weeks. Competitors who will lose must leave the Bar.

He also returned to the show


, who compete with newcomers,


it helps indigenous people.


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