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Arso: "Tomorrow will be an iceberg"

Weather forecasters predict very bright weather, in the morning there will be low turbidity in the interior, most of which will rot throughout the day. "Burja in Primorska will be bad," they wrote to the Environment Agency. "The highest daily temperature will be from -2 to 1, in the Primorska region from 5 to 9 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow will be even cooler, because the temperature will also be below zero below the day.

"Tomorrow will be an iceberg,"

in the morning weather forecast on national radio

Katja Kozjek

, a meteorologist with Ars.

"This means the day when the temperature does not rise above the freezer all day. Tomorrow will be very cold, in the morning it will be like today, and on that day, there will be degrees below zero."

In western Slovenia and at higher altitudes, some clear cloudy clouds will sometimes increase.

"In other places, low turbidity will be stored mostly, borax will fall in the morning,"

they predict at Ars.

"The lowest morning temperature is from -6 to 0, the highest daily bit will be below 0, in Primorska to 9 degrees Celsius."




What are the weather prospects for December?

After two days the cooling was warmer

On weekends or early December, according to Kozjek, we will enter the southwestern regime, which means that the southwest wind will bring warming.

"There will be different shades of gray in the sky, mostly dry and gradually warmer,"

still explain Kozhekov.

"On Saturday that day will be up to five degrees and from Sunday onwards from five to ten days."

On Saturdays, it will be sufficient for most cloudy and mostly dry, on Sundays it will be partly clear to the east, mostly cloudy in other places.

Ten Day Model Forecast | Author: Arso


weather forecast for winter



They publish long-term weather forecasts for the winter

weather forecast for winter


Why can't we trust Accuwether to have a mild winter?

"Cyclones and weather fronts will move east through northern Europe,"

they wrote to Ars in the weather forecast from December 2 to 7.

"The weather limit might only spread our place. The wind will blow above us, and relatively warm air will flow at altitude."

Clouds will change, dry weather will last, the possibility of a little precipitation will increase slightly on Monday and Thursday. The highest daily temperature will range from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.


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