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Adria will transport passengers with Russian aircraft, which often deteriorate

Germany will obviously also deal with Adria by employing cheaper Russian aircraft that will be used on the Adria line, while the existing planes will be leased to Western airlines. But Russian planes have a big problem.

Low-cost airline Mexico, Interjet, the third largest country, announced in 2011 that it planned to buy 15 dry Russian superjet 100 aircraft due to the expansion of its flight network.

Management has complained that they have reached an "unbeatable agreement". The cost of purchasing ten aircraft is the same as one airbus A320, explaining why Russian aircraft were chosen as one of several airlines outside the borders of the Soviet Union.

The decision was regretted. Airplanes are often damaged, and at the beginning of last year most of them moved to hangar services, because they found serious failures on them. Therefore Russia was asked to receive compensation of 40 million euros this year. Information about short-term sales of superjet 100 aircraft also appeared.

A similar experience was at the Belgian airline Brussels Airlines, which was hired by a Russian company last spring in the city of Irish City. Because of its constant technical problems, it has replaced them with a more reliable Canadian airplane.

Adria Airways

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German accounting tricks for solving Adria's bankruptcy




Adria will go to a Russian plane

Despite the fact that Russian aircraft did not enjoy prestige in Western airlines, they flew unofficially around 130 around the world, and Russia promised to penetrate the European market. This will be done by German funds 4K Invest, the owner of Adria Airways.

Holger KowarschAdria Airways, Ade Airways's first person who, due to lack of capital and poor financial status, threatened to lose licenses to fly and landing aircraft, announced the upcoming acquisition or long-term lease of 15 superjet aircraft 100 days ago.

Holger Kowarsch, Chief Executive Officer of Adria Airways

Holger Kowarsch, Chief Executive Officer of Adria Airways

Photo: Adria Airways

"Over the past two years, we have analyzed the types of dry superjet 100 aircraft and found that all of the aircraft's technical and operational characteristics are very well suited to our strategic objectives," Kowarsch said.

The first aircraft is expected to arrive at Brnik early next year. Are they really new planes or will Sukhoi be able to supply them at an additional discount, which they intend to return to other airlines, we are still checking with Adria.

Before Adria could make the first flight with a Russian plane, he also had to pass the examination of the Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency which handles passenger safety. This process can be delayed too late in the second half of next year.

Adria currently operates flights with three Airbus A319 aircraft, eight CRJ900 bombers, three CRJ700ER bombers and six Saab 2000 aircraft.

To discuss the replacement of their regional aircraft and the transition from Bombardier aircraft to the Russian aircraft types mentioned above, we reported on in the middle of last year.

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Adria Airways before buying 12 dry Russian superjet 100 aircraft?




How to get more profit in a short time

However, in the background of the update announced by the Adriine fleet, it was actually a new plan to get additional revenue in a relatively short time and at the same time lower operating costs. With new Russian aircraft, Adria will fly, and existing airbus and bombardment planes will be leased to Western airlines, such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Switzerland and Luxair, along with the crew.

900 CRJ bomber

900 CRJ bomber
Photo: Klemen Korenjak

Germany, which failed to change Adria's business in two years, and its losses are still rising, has also introduced other income-increasing measures, such as the sale of several tickets, such as seats on planes. But this also caused a lot of anger among passengers.

In the past few months, our national airlines have been billed with a number of delays and cancellations due to a lack of pilots, some of which were resolved only by the elimination of certain routes.

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We disclose documents: the situation at Adria Airways is very serious




Russian planes will be maintained at Brnik

According to experience in Mexico and Belgium, the question arises whether Slovenian passengers will again experience flight delays and cancellations after the arrival of Russian planes.

For Adria, their long-term leases can prove to be a missed business step, because the initial savings, similar to those carried out by Interjet, will increase maintenance costs, wait for parts and find solutions for outages.

Inside the Dry Superjet 100 aircraft

Inside the Dry Superjet 100 aircraft
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This risk is also seen in Adria. In addition to the Letter of Intent for Provision of Aircraft, Russia also signed a memorandum regarding the establishment of a superjet 100 maintenance and repair organization at Ljubljana Airport.

"This service platform will ensure the operational reliability of this aircraft in Europe," CEO Suhoja explained Alexander Rubtsov.

We will announce Adria's annotation when we receive it.

Adria to a new agreement with the country

Despite the fact that Adria faced financial problems and severe liquidity, Adria had received two state agreements last month.

He again won a government call to transport civil servants to Brussels at a more affordable price. That's how the 4.5 million euro state subsidy is expected. Recently, Adria also assured the State of Pos Slovenia, which approved a 12-month contract for the transport of postal goods, worth only under 130 thousand euros.

In the past year, Adria won around 2.3 million euros in the country's account.

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