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A Slovenian woman who is all over Croatia today

Nuše Rojs is remembered by most Slovenians from the sixth season of the Slovenian Has Talent event, while the wider Croatia knows it is the winner of the Dream Men. Nusha was the one who won Mio Matic's heart and was written by all Croatian media today.

If you are a fan of the reality show Dream Men, then you must be among those who enthusiastically followed the events in the Croatian version, entitled Mr. Perfect, where he is among twenty girls who fight for hearts. Mije Matic, also ours Nuša Royce.

The girl who stood on the stage last season of the show, Slovenia has talent and goes to Croatian shows more with a desire to promote her music rather than looking for the man of dreams. Well, in the end, Nusa found love there too.

He is the person Mijo finally chose as the heart of his choice and our neighbor is talking about today. Nusha also recently posted about their hot romance on social networks, revealing that, unfortunately, it's over.

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Who is the sexy Croatian who stole Nuša Royce's heart?

"My dear, with all my heart I want it to last long. If you are disappointed, what do you think it's just me? I really did everything possible on my part, so please don't curse me. You didn't ask. You can see how sad the songs are. I've been singing lately … Thank you, "wrote Nusha, who had been a favorite since the beginning of the show and was the first to kiss Mijo.

In an interview with RTL, the singer said everything was going well with Mia at first and that she had visited Zagreb several times and spent a lot of time with her. He also introduced him to his friends, and then offered the job he wanted was perfect. When he already wanted to accept it and also told Mio about it, he suddenly became colder and less responsive.

After a few days, he should have written to him that he no longer felt what he originally felt and suggested that they stop now before he was injured. '& # 39; But it's too late for that, I've already been injured, ' he said in an emotional interview. Mijo has said in the past that all his connections are at a distance and that he is not sure if he is ready for a serious relationship.

Dream Man is also on POP TV!

Next year, Slovenian women will fight for the man of their dreams. Do you have friends, relatives, classmates, coworkers aged 18 to 40 years and everyone always wonders why he is single? Feel free to report it HERE, he might have a new adventure in front of him that can even give him love in his life.

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