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635 thousand: Birthday of Ghosn or Renault-Nissan? #video


Here, on the 15th anniversary of the Renault-Nissan coup and the 60th anniversary of Carlos Ghosn, 160 guests were entertained at the Palace of Versailles. The event was allegedly worth as much as 635 thousand euros.

Former President of Renault and Nissan Carlos Ghosn still trying to improve its public reputation and to deny the accusation that when management of the two brands of cars he was undoubtedly wasting company assets in his own account.

Glamorous party for 635 thousand

There is a professional video on YouTube featuring a very expensive party on the 15th anniversary of the collaboration between Renault and Nissan at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. The excitement, which allegedly cost 635 thousand euros, immediately fell to Ghosn's 60th birthday.

At Renault-Nissan, they argued that the party was held for business purposes and (at least officially) not for the president's birthday at that time. Viewed from the video, the party is very luxurious and sparkling, with a touch of French charm and history. There were around 160 guests at the party, Autonews Europe reported.

The video will become a reality for Ghosn's opponents

Entertainment attracted the attention of Ghosn auditors who collaborated with Renault-Nissan. Direct costs are paid by the Dutch joint venture, which takes care of operational operations one of the most important concerns in the automotive industry.

Meanwhile, Ghosn echoed allegedly disputed financial transaction charges, which are expected to end in his account through an Oman distributor. The former chairman of Renault and Nissan rejected all complaints and claimed that he had become a targeted victim in the management game behind the scenes of Renault and Nissan. Ghosn, meanwhile, remains detained in Japan.

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