You will watch Trenčín PHOTOS repeatedly: Jozef catches a lunar eclipse


Look at the amazing photos of amateur photographer Jozef Dovichin, who managed to capture a unique shot of complete moonlight at Trencin.

At the beginning of the week, we can see in the early hours
an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon – the total eclipse of the Moon. According to Paul
Rapave of the Slovak Astronomers Association is the last of these
decade. As experts say, the closest eclipse will only occur
partial and finally on July 16. 2019. In a complete eclipse we will see
again the month in his words until September 7. 2025

An amateur photographer and a person
documentary filmmaker Jozef Dovičin from Dolný Srnia. When he revealed, he often traveled
after Slovakia and photographing beautiful places that he thinks are in us
this country is blessed.

"I am a specialist for time-lapse videos, I have many of them from the environment
Trenčín and I will make a few short videos there. Well, I'm still a hunter
storm, last year I won 1st place in the category
Slovakia in the film, "he determined for Trenčín24 Dovičin.

With moonlight mentioned around Trenčín, according to his words
uses three tripods, three cameras, and sequential shooting every three
seconds, with astronomical phenomena photographed for about two hours. How
he added further, from the moonlight that we can observe
he is also preparing a video on Monday, January 21.

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Photo: Illustration

This has made this beautiful heavenly manifestation



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