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1. Mutual agreement, no independence

Under normal circumstances, information will become replacement of the position of governor From the National Bank of Slovakia caused a stir only in a small group of economists and economic journalists. However, the announcement by Jozef Makúch that the NBS will only continue until the end of February, exceeds this headline.

The secret to going. It's not only that Makúch, who has been the only man for the governor for his second term, ended prematurely, the context in which he did it. For example, still he signaled in September, that it would be better to elect a new governor before the parliamentary elections, which justifies the fear that the NBS will not enter into political disputes.

An important situation is that the current finance minister, Peter Kažimir, is interested in this post. in Julywhen he started writing about it, he was still out, but after Macouch's announcement, he had openly admitted that he would stand up.

This is the question of who Kazimir – if he was governor – replaced the head of the finance department. So far only two names may have emerged: Chair of Parliamentary Finance Committee Ladislav Kamenický, who was a member of Smer's direction, and former head of financial administration František Imrecze.

And there is also a second mystery, namely that we have not learned from the NBS press release even the official reason for Makúch's decision.

Independence is only on paper. The simplest explanation, therefore, is that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a long-term agreement, which aims to make European ambition Peter Kažimir, who has in the past been even more, "at least" in the seat of government. And to get there at that time, then there are parliaments that will be willing to elect the government party deputy chairman into a function usually occupied by people without party affiliation.

Of course, there is still a president who does not have to be governed by a Parliamentary decision, but Kashimir at the NBS might be a much smaller problem for Andrey Kisak than the rotating deputies whose NRR was chosen as a candidate for constitutional justice.

This is important, in addition to knowing the independence of the governor coming out, that at least in this case the formal independent function does not operate in a manner that would make the appointment independent.

Perhaps more important is the question of how this happened to Kažimir. As an NBS Governor, we don't have people coming from the government and a party. Although the National Bank does not have the same power as before the euro, it is still an important controlling institution, which, for example, oversees financial markets and also influences them.

At the same time, because of a professional background, it can be a very good opponent of those governments, who, for example, tend to promise and spend more than they can, but also (very few) governments that, for ideological reasons, disconnected, even if it could damage it. If Kashmir becomes governor,

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