WARNING, they are releasing dangerous nutritional supplements! It can destroy the kidneys! Do you also enjoy it?


Make sure you don't have a diet supplement that is at risk at home.

If you care about your health and character and complete your diet with various vitamins or minerals from the store, stay alert! Slovak health experts warn of dangerous nutritional supplements that can destroy your kidneys! Check to see if it's yours!

Malicious nutritional supplements are brought to the attention of the Slovak Republic Health Service. It's called CREATINE and is a powder that helps increase muscle volume. If you are helped by a product to increase your muscle strength and mass, don't use it!

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Contains unauthorized new creatine nitrate ingredients. This can cause many health problems, but it is the most burdensome to the kidneys!


Plastic powder comes from the United States under the trademark MUSCLE PHARM. Grams of Tristo for the Slovak market were brought in 2015 and 2016 by Polish importer Centrum Odzywek Mateusz Bonder. Lot of LOT92904 060 US Products has a minimum shelf life of up to March 17.

"Following the above, we recommend that consumers do not buy CREATIVE MUSCLE DRINK, not buy products that have been purchased and return them to the point of sale," warned Slovak Hygienist Jan Mikas.

There are documented cases where creatine nitrate has damaged the kidneys, causes heart problems, muscle cramps, dehydration, diarrhea and more.



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