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VIDEO: Mária Čírová is on the 30th anniversary of the new "The Perfect World"

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Popular singer Mária Čírová celebrated her birthday today (November 20), but she has prepared gifts for fans in the form of new video clips. When he snored, he was shot last summer, but he only delayed this special opportunity. Video with a magical atmosphere is also an invitation to his birthday concert.

There are several reasons why Mária Čírová 2018 is considered the peak of his current career. He started with luck OTO in the Singer of the Year category, followed by a successful collaboration with Ben Cristo in the Backstage song title goes out, which has been a big hit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the end of the year is also in great style – Gala Concert 3One & 1Only Mária Čírová, which is already on Saturday November 24 to celebrate 10 years in the world of music and also to celebrate their 30th birthday.

The concert was originally scheduled to take place at Bratislava Istropolice on the Trnavsky expressway. However, tickets quickly sold out, so the double celebration finally moved to the Incheba Expo Arena. Mary will be accompanied by a band, string orchestra, choir, singer and vocalist during the celebration night. Together, there are up to 40 players on the stage. The concert will be divided into three thematic sections – folk, gospel and pop, which will chronologically change Mary's entire singing career. Ticket Galaconcer is sold on the internet

Another one from Unicato

During a concert, a song will also be heard Dextraordinary world, which was released on the last studio album # 2017. The song is part of the couple Miso White and Samuel Kovács, which was also signed under the megachite unique. The lyrics of the song Chírová carry an important message that he decided to put himself ahead on the occasion of his life and career jubilee. "Perfect world talk about how time will come, and that we must not forget it. I think it's good to have a goal in front of it – then humans are never alone in life, "Mary explained.

When he adds, video clips Perfect world he planned to give up early – it was shot last summer. For many of the tasks involved with the release of the album and the next duet with Ben Cristo, however, he finally decided to postpone the release of the video and leave it as a birthday present. "Everything is as it should be. This video link is perfect for my current personal and business party, plus it fits perfectly with the fall-winter atmosphere of late."

Visual three generations

Video clips illustrate the life odyssey of the three generations they made Mária Čírová, his daughter zoe and a respected Slovak actress Mária Kráľovičová, Who, with his active lifestyle, even at a very old age, perfectly symbolizes the lyrics of the song. "I am very honored that Mrs. Kráľovičová has accepted my invitation, it was a very inspiring person for me, it fascinated me when she lived her life, her life was rich and full of experience, full of beautiful meetings. "Kráľovičová read the horse in the Sládkovič Marína balloon," Maria recalled for last year's shooting.

Horses on the cliffs embody the metaphor of life – viewers can, through the interaction of individual characters with this noble animal, observe how the person develops and changes his attitude towards life. The video clip where he was signed as a director Jakub Gulyáshe was born on a farm in Miloslavov near Bratislava, where the singer would rise. The main role is played by horses, which are used for regular training. An important part of the shooting was coach Mary Peter Andy Hric, who oversees that the horse collaborated with the actors and directors and that the horse did not miss him.

On the occasion of the upcoming concert and the commemoration of Maria Čírová, we will also bring you author articles about the influence of 10 years in the music world in the coming days. You can watch the news of the singer on the official website, so also at Facebook and Instagram.

Ticket Galaconcer 3One & 1Only:

Mária Čírová is preparing for the 3One & 1Only concert

Information and photos from were provided by Adriana ojahojová from the Soul for Show. We have modified the print report.

Photo by Jakub Gulyás

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