The unique solution from Sygic has been nominated for the 2018 European Innovation for Development Award


The European Commission has nominated a Sygic solution for the Best Innovation Award in the development of 2018. Smart Cooperative Navigation Algorithms use IT4Innovations supercomputer power to calculate optimal and individual car distributions in the city, saving up to 30 percent of the time in hits per day.

You can help yourself

You can also help Sygic get this award. Online voting on the European Commission's website on 12 November.

"Our algorithm is like a living organism. It can coordinate tens of thousands of cars in real time according to the current situation on the road," said project leader Radim Cmar from Sygic. "This includes all scheduled and unexpected activities on the route, such as closure, accident, or inadequate capacity on the route" dodal.รค

This algorithm is created within the framework of the Antarex project, launched with support from the European Union. Thanks to this, Sygic can create the foundation of a revolutionary product that has the potential to change traffic in cities around the world.

"We are negotiating with several cities about implementing our trial solution," Cmar approached. He believes he has the potential to improve the quality of life in cities. "We can do this by reducing the time needed for transportation and emissions, " he explained.

Basic for smart cities

Sygic is one of the biggest supporters of Europe's plan to build 300 smart cities by the end of 2019. Thanks to the unique algorithm he developed in coordination with IT4Innovations, Sygic can provide solutions for various challenges in Europe and the world.

This company is one of the founding members of the Smart City project, which helps cities in Slovakia integrate smart solutions.

The Innovation Radar is an initiative of the European Commission to identify projects funded by the European Union with the greatest potential. About 20 finalists chose the public.


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