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The Rockstar game ends with Agent – the Xboxer brand


Rockstar Games announced Exclusive Agent for PlayStation 3 in July / June 2009 and we haven't heard of the brand since.

It seems that Rockstar plans to move the development of spy action from PS3 to PS4, but that doesn't happen and the publisher of Take-Two Interactive Software must stop to extend trademark rights. As a result, Rockstar no longer has Agent trademark rights and PS exclusivity has been revoked. Because the original PS3 logo "Coming Soon" is still on the game page, it doesn't surprise us.

From Brand History:

Rockstar San Diego developed the Game Agent in 2003 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. The initial announcement of the game came at E3 2007, where Sony announced "the new PS3 exclusivity from Rockstar" in the hope that the upcoming game sets the bar for the gaming industry. Sam Houser was also optimistic when the official agent was announced in 2009. Houser believes that the game will offer a truly unique experience, and this is a project that Rockstar wants to do for a long time. Still that year, the studio said the brand could be released in 2010.

Rockstar Games Agent Leak

Two years later, Take-Two stated that the Agent was active in development. However, the situation changed to E3 2011. At that time CEO Jack Tretton voiced uncertainty over whether Agen was still an exclusive game and left the decision to maintain exclusivity at Rockstare. The first screenshots of the project and the resumes of former Rockstar employees are also available on the internet. Take-Two Chief Strauss Zelnick said in 2012 "There is no announcement for this title." Shortly after the PS4 show, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told the media that Sony could not talk about the brand despite having some further information and information that could only offer Take-Two or Rockstar. Take-Two had trademark rights extended several times, but it must have fallen over the past few days.

Game Agent Rockstar is here

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