The prime minister discussed with EU ambassadors about the UN pact and the situation in Ukraine


The situation in Ukraine was the main topic, but the meeting also included migration, brexite and the Friends of Cohesion meeting.

The main topic of the meeting of Prime Minister Petar Pellegrini (Smer-SD) with the ambassadors of European Union (EU) member countries was the security situation in Ukraine. However, they also spoke about the United Nations Global Migration Pact, upcoming meetings from Friends of Cohesion at Bratislava Castle and the Brexite agreement. The press office of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic informs.

Representatives from EU member states have agreed with the prime minister that tensions between Moscow and Kiev are needed. The European Union must do everything in its power to avoid conflicts that need to be dealt with diplomatically. At the United Nations Global Migration Pact, the Prime Minister's Ambassador familiarizes himself with the position of their government in this document. The prime minister has confirmed his opinion about illegal migration, which he considers a security risk.

The Friends of Cohesion Meeting will be held on Thursday (November 29). The aim is to signal that the Cohesion Fund continues to be an important instrument of the EU which reduces economic and social inequality between the EU region and contributes to the stabilization of their economy. The meeting at Bratislava Castle was also held on the occasion of the Slovak Presidency in the Vyehrad Group.

The ambassadors also expressed satisfaction that the violation agreement had been reached and expressed confidence that each Union country would approve this agreement as soon as possible in their parliament. The prime minister stressed that the only alternative for the European Union and NATO was for the Slovak Republic and it was necessary for EU leaders to discuss as much as possible about the benefits of membership in these organizations.


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