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The Fialki sisters and unions finally found a compromise: The conversation lasted eleven hours

Fialk and SZB children have found a compromise
Fialk and SZB children have found a compromise

The Paulin and Ivona Fialki sisters will start at the World Cup in Pokljuke, Slovenia. Long disputes and media disputes between sportsmen and the Slovak Biathlon Federation (SZB) have led to the fact that Fialks ignored the introduction of the season in Slovenia, eventually not going to happen.

The nurses signed contracts with the Slovak Biathlon Federation (SZB) on state sports representatives. The signing was carried out after a mediation meeting on the Slovenian Olympic Committee (SOV). Mediation takes place from 10:00 a.m. with a longer lunch break up to one tenth of the night. Apart from the skeptical prerequisites of some actors, difficult negotiations eventually lead to agreement and to find a compromise on the formulation in the association agreement with the union. At the end of the meeting, Sister Fialk and federation president Tomáš Fusko signed a contract that would allow the two Biathlonists to represent Slovakia in the coming season. No party wants to determine what a compromise is.

Under the mandate of SOV President Anto Siekel, who is currently in the General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee Association in Tokyo, SOC Vice-President Jozef Gönci leads the mediation talks. His portfolio of responsibilities in this function includes the care of Olympians and athletes. SOV also participated in a meeting with the Vice President for Sport Peter Korčok. SZB is represented by President Tomas Fusko, Senior Vice President and Chair of the SZB Sport Committee Pavol Hurajt, Secretary General Silvia Šarközi, Member of the Pavel Melichar Discipline Commission and Legal Representative Tomáš Suchý. Fialk's fathers were also present by their father, Peter Fialka and legal counsel Peter Handiak. The main sports inspectors in Slovakia, Alica Fisterová, and Roman Bencik, head of Dukla Banka Bystrica University – a company of both biathlon representations, also took part in the negotiations.

"We sat together for eleven hours, but this debate was preceded by hundreds of hours of debate, and we tried to protect the honor of Slovak sports, today it is very important for us to stop the dismantling of public opinion on Slovak sports and biathlon, and I can state that we are not never stopped believing that this contract will be signed today, we have done everything for it, we can see sport peacefully, and all doubts that sports cannot be cleaned in our own kitchen have been debated by this marathon, " said mediator head Jozef Gönci.

"I don't have a feeling of happiness and I regret that there must be extremes when we have honestly and responsibly regulated our system of sports functions and that we must defend our rights in such a complicated way and arrive at that agreement, but I sincerely hope that it has succeeded and that tomorrow we can go to the sports field without having to rely on lawyers and look for texts in the agreement. Today we have the right agreement, which mainly protects the interests of athletes but of course also the interests of our union " SZB Fusko said for the official SOV website.

Peter Handiak, Legal Representative from Sicily Fialkov, added: "We are aware of the fact that the Fialki sisters are not subject to disciplinary sanctions, which is a very important factor for Wednesday's agreement negotiations." The second important thing is that there is a significant test of public interest, and this public The third big thing from the point of view of the Sports Law is that such sports, on behalf of the Slovak Biathlon Union, have given up their autonomy. It is very important for the federation to manage itself. This is a very good report for other unions who can take examples of this process. "

Disputes between Fialkovi and SZB sisters appear in relation to the State Sports Representation Agreement, which will be signed by all representatives. The two representatives refused, disagreeing with several points, especially regarding the transfer of personal rights to unions. To help, they hired lawyers GARANT s.r.o., a lawyer, who claimed he was entitled to become the main sports inspector in Slovakia.

SZB responded to the failure to sign a contract so that the disciplinary commission on November 16 banned nurses from starting competitions related to the Slovak republic and until now insisted on its opinion. On Wednesday, the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic, Peter Gajdoš, and Minister of Education, Science, Research and SR Sports Martina Lubyova, also called on SZB leaders to abolish the ban on representing Fialkov nuns. According to Luby, they were interested in the public interest in the SP opening ceremony at Pokljuka, and if they were not allowed to fulfill it, they threatened the union with sanctions.

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