The aircraft rescue team helped four injured skiers


The flight rescue team helped four injured skiers on Saturday.

Three men and one girl suffered injuries while skiing in the holes of Martinské, Jasná and Vysoké Tatry. Inform ATE Helicopter Emergency Service (VZZS) spokesperson Zuzana Hopjaková.

Broken breast bone was experienced by a 43-year-old man on Saturday morning while skiing on the slopes in Martin's shin. "After the rescue helicopter landed in the nearest work area, the crew took over the patient from the mountain rescue who gave him primary care. After being taken up, the injured skier was transported by air to the University Hospital in Martine," Hopjak said.

At the Poprad base there is also a request for help for skiers. First he flew a rescue helicopter to Bright for a 13-year-old girl who suffered a broken thigh bone because of a blow to a fixed obstacle. "The mountain rescuer first took care of him and took him to the helicopter. The doctor added it to other drugs needed and then transferred it in a stable condition through the air to Children 's University Hospital in Banská Bystrica," Hopjaková said.

Another rescue flight was heading back to Jasna, where he broke the pre-collection 30-year-old bottom ski leg in the Lukov boiler area after turning off skiing. "The doctor was injured from the helicopter deck by a scroll. After treatment, he was evacuated in a transportation seat from the site and then transferred to a hospital at Liptovsky Mikulas", he added.

Even the flight crew from Košice had requested assistance from injured skiers on the lerengučoriedky ski slope in the High Tatras. In this case, once again collaboration with the Mountain Rescue Service, which brought 27-year-old skiers after maintenance to the helicopter.

"The crew took over the patient in his care and were in stable condition with a pre-training fracture he rescued the rescuer to the airport in Poprad, where he was handed over to the crew of emergency medical assistance. He was then transferred to a hospital in Poprad," the spokesman added.


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