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Sygic added a good add-on for navigation. It can increase traffic flow

The famous Slovak navigation, Sygic with an international scope, has practiced significant innovations. In the application you will see how the traffic lights on your road.

More precisely, the Traffic Lights plug-in is part of navigation and displays the remaining time in green at the traffic lights in real time. It displays it along the navigation route, at each traffic light, giving drivers the ability to brake and adjust their driving to the "green wave".


This innovation from Sygic was made in partnership with the Traffic Technology Service and is currently available free of charge in the US, covering more than 15,000 traffic lights.

Content creators believe that innovation will help improve safety at intersections, contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in big cities and increasing road traffic.

Sygic plans to expand this service to Europe later. The Traffic Lights plug-in is the first accessory from Sygic's Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) kit.

"The ADAS Sygic Cellular Application Kit will utilize a number of advanced features assisted by AI with a strong focus on safety and arrival times. It will be available as a plug-in for all Sygic Navigation GPS users without the need to buy additional expensive hardware, " comments Martin Strigač, CEO of Sygic.

The ADAS Sygic Cellular application will also be available as a standalone SDK, which allows shipping and logistics companies to link it to their existing fleet system. In turn, original vehicle and equipment manufacturers can link it to vehicle information and entertainment systems.


Sygic plans to gradually add new help features to the kit, including the introduction of speed limit signs, lanes and roadblocks, and accident prevention. "We also analyzed the possibility to link it to the railroad crossing warning system," Strigač added.

By coincidence, Sygic's Additional Traffic Lights have been placed in an exceptional product group that has been awarded the CES 2020 award by a jury of 82 leading experts and CEOs.

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