Super-marriage: Partlová jumps with a ring … He says he's a 9-year-old couple!


Mirka Partl relationship and nine years younger Matej Gális is pronounced in the summer. The couple managed to enjoy several romantic and vacation trips. Now, only one of them has a musician who knows the actress is asking for help. This is also proven by collages published at the end of the year on Instagram social networking.

One photo is a picture where the blonde stands with an engagement ring. The couple shared the same future in romantic Paris. Well, a few months later, he even managed to say yes. The actress, at the premiere of Rhythm's recent production, has appeared not only with her engagement ring, but her finger has been decorated with rings.

Matej Gális has published a photo that makes Mirka Partlová proud of her engagement ring.

Extraordinary marriage: Some

Source: Instagram M.G.

"Mirek and Mother love each other, and they are married," said a source from New Time Partl. The couple expressed their opinions in the City Hall wedding office in Vajnor, and the ceremony must be kept secret. Nobody knows even the groom's father, sports moderator Stanislav Gális.

"I don't know anything about that," reacted to the journal, surprised by Gali the elder. Does he not want to divulge the couple or really knows nothing, he does not. Well, Mirka should have changed her name. Today he has two surnames – Gális Partlová.

This photo comes from the marriage room at City Hall in Vajnor.

Extraordinary marriage: Some

Source: Instagram M.G.

Mirka Partlová, at the premiere of the recent "Reason" production and his sentiments were not only promising rings but also rings.

Extraordinary marriage: Some

Source: New Stage Theater


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