Subaru has a third record year in Slovakia


Subaru XV 2017

Subaru has connected Hetrik in Slovakia: the Japanese brand has achieved double-digit growth and a new sales record for the third year in a row.

In 2018 he sold 453 new vehicles, which was a 12.13% increase compared to 2017. This was 10% higher than the growth of the entire Slovak market for new passenger cars, which only grew 2.08% YoY. Subaru's market share rose to 0.46%.

The Subaru XV model with 35.8% of shares in brand sales is above the customer's interest. The compact crossover has withdrawn from the position of the best-seller coming in a very successful new generation that came out of the first Outback bar. Subaru's superior, who recently experienced modernization, ranks second with 29.6%. With a short distance and a 27.2% share, the popular Forester SUV is placed on the stage.

The new Slovak sales record is also used in Japan: Subaru President Tomomi Nakamura made notes in New Year's speeches to all Subaru employees.

Executive Vice President Katsuyuki Mizuma said in communications aimed at Subaru importers "Recognition of excellent results" Slovak representation of the brand: "Brilliant management, the benefits of your team, and your sales network contribute the most to the sales record."

"In addition to the hard work of the entire team, our three major vehicles are also behind brand success: a new global platform, emphasis on overall safety and a unique EyeSight assistance system, said Rastislav Crkoň, general manager of SUBARU MIKONA division, s.r.o.

Uncompromising pressure on the safety of the crew and other people on the road is evident from the SAFE FUN TOGH marketing strategy. Security is the main thing. A new, solid platform like a tank, along with the EyeSight system, protects the crew to the highest level possible for Subaru to receive the highest security ratings on all continents. Hand in hand with him is fun. But it's not just driving pleasure: Subaru cars are able to make life more attractive to owners and their families, and to take active free time to a completely different level. And the word "Tough" means the third Ace: Subaru's durability, durability and reliability. These cars keep you in the most difficult conditions and can serve you faithfully for a long time.

Three accurate interventions to customer preferences have created a strong foundation for Chapter 2019 in the story of a successful brand that launched the Procurement Price Policy introduced in 2015. "Our plan for 2019 is a continuation of the SUV model strategy, our clients can also look forward to the best-selling special edition model. We plan to stabilize sales in the Slovak region, and one of our main projects is a further increase in after-sales service," said the general manager of Subaru Rastislav Crkoň.


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